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Fiscal Woes Fade For Catalan's Independence Fervor

Calls for secession in Spain's northern region have been reignited by the economic crisis. Catalonia's leader is vowing to call a referendum on independence, if he's returned to power in Sunday's election.

Aid Workers Struggle To Provide Services In Congo

Fighting between rebel and government forces in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo has set off a humanitarian crisis. In one small refugee camp, workers from international aid groups are doing what they can to try and help some of the roughly 100,000 Congolese displaced by the fighting.

Burst Of Protest In Egypt But No Revolution, Yet

President Mohammed Morsi's decision to neutralize the judiciary this week brought into sharp focus just how politically polarized this nation-in-transition is. But despite the protests, there are few signs that the country is in the throes of a new uprising.

Israel, Hamas Suspended In Fragile Cease-Fire

While President Morsi deals with the fallout from his power-grab at home, the ceasefire that he helped broker in Gaza at least survives, so far. Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's Philip Reeves and Anthony Kuhn in Gaza and Jerusalem about the latest from that region.

How Steep The Fiscal Cliff Looks From Europe

In the first of a series of Weekend Edition conversations, host Scott Simon speaks to Joshua Chaffin, a reporter for The Financial Times, about how people across the European Union view the fiscal cliff negotiations.

A Wave Of Plagiarism Cases Strikes German Politics

Several top government officials have been caught up in an embarrassing cheating scandal — including the defense minister, who resigned as a result, and the education minster, who is under investigation for her doctoral dissertation. An informal group of "plagiarism police" has undertaken the hunt.

Glitzy Burgundy Wine Auction Taps Celebrities

For more than 150 years, a charity auction has kicked off the wine season in France's Burgundy grape-growing region. It's turned into an A-list rendezvous for international industry players — this year attracting former supermodel and first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and record prices.