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Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Rise After Murder Of British Soldier

Robert Siegel speaks with John Fisher Burns, London bureau chief for the New York Times, about how London is reacting to the religious and political extremism expressed by a man who murdered a soldier on a London street.

Woolwich Murder Suspect May Have Ties To Islamist Groups

The British government is setting up a new terrorism task force following last week's brutal killing of a soldier by men wielding cleavers and knives. The task force will look at whether new laws are needed to clamp down on those who promote religious extremism.

After Long Wait For Combat, Tad Nagaki Became POW Liberator

A U.S. parachute team dropped into a POW camp in China to liberate the captives after Japan surrendered in 1945. Tad Nagaki was with that team. Prior to the assignment, Nagaki had spent two years requesting combat duty, only to be denied repeatedly because of his Japanese-American ethnicity.

Hacking Death Of U.K. Soldier Prompts Anti-Muslim Attacks

A hotline that monitors anti-Muslim violence says the number of incidents has shot up since last week's killing of Lee Rigby by two men who claimed their attack in the name of Islam.

Have Women's Rights Evolved In Pakistan?

When a teenage Pakistani girl accused four men of rape, she was told to stay quiet so she wouldn't bring shame to her family. Instead, she promised to fight all the way to the Supreme Court. Her story is shown in the new Frontline film Outlawed in Pakistan. Host Michel Martin speaks with the filmmakers.