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Britain's Thatcher An Unlikely Icon For American Conservatives

A woman hailing from a place many U.S. conservatives once viewed as a hopeless bastion of liberalism has become an enduring figure for the right. Just as Ronald Reagan helped move conservatism from the fringes of U.S. politics, Margaret Thatcher helped do the same on the international stage.

Deadly Blast In Damascus Reflects Growing Danger In Capital

A major blast inside what's known as the "Square of Security" in the Syrian capital today is the latest sign of the deteriorating security situation in the capital. The instability has grown so quickly in the past month or so that many die-hard Damascenes are fleeing.

'I Liked It,' Putin Says Of Protest By Topless Women

In Hanover, Germany, the Russian leader was greeted by three women protesters who stripped off their tops before shouting expletives at him. While he professed to enjoy their demonstration, Putin's aides want the women punished.

Margaret Thatcher's Life And Legacy In Britain

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died Monday at age 87. Known as the Iron Lady, Thatcher was the leader of Britain's conservatives from 1979 to 1990.

Britain's Iron Lady, Former Prime Minister Thatcher, Dies

During her 11 years in office, she remade Britain and became an iconic figure for conservatives in her homeland and abroad. But Thatcher, who was 87, was also a divisive leader.

Former British Prime Minister Thatcher Dies

The "Iron Lady" was 87. A spokesman says she died Monday following a stroke. She became prime minister in 1979 and led Britain for 11 years. She stood with President Reagan against communism and broke Britain's trade union movement. Thatcher is a hero to conservatives.

North Korea To Shut Jointly Run Factories, May Test Missile

The factory complex inside North Korea produces products for South Korean companies. It has been a rare example of cooperation. Now, it's caught in the latest round of escalating tensions on the peninsula.

Chilean Poet Neruda's Remains To Be Exhumed In Murder Probe

Famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda is to be exhumed Monday to see if he was poisoned. The official version stated he died of cancer. His former driver, however, told a Mexican magazine that he believes Neruda was murdered by the Pinochet regime as the poet was an avowed leftist.