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Syrian Airstrikes Hit Bakery: 'Piles Of Bodies'

Syrian activists are reporting that a government airstrike has killed tens of people at a bakery near the central city of Hama. As the situation continues to worsen, special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is arriving in Damascus for talks with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Multimillion-Dollar Syrup Heist Puts Quebec In Sticky Spot

Police in Quebec have arrested 18 people in connection with a multimillion-dollar maple syrup heist. The crooks broke into the strategic reserve and made off with 6 million pounds of the sweet stuff this summer. Host Guy Raz talks about it with Canadian Press correspondent Peter Rakobowchuk.

Morsi Wins And Loses After Egypt Passes Draft Constitution

The Islamist-backed constitution has polarized the nation. Critics say the document neglects human rights and reform, while expanding the role of Islam in the document. There seemed to be no question, however, that the document would pass.

'Unprecedented' Public Rage Over Gang Rape In India

Waves of angry demonstrators in New Delhi were repelled by tear gas and water cannons Saturday as they marched on the president's residence to protest the brutal attack on a 23-year-old student on a bus last weekend.

Survived The Mayan Apocalypse? Here Come The Radish People

Each Dec. 23, they descend upon Oaxaca's main plaza: giant root vegetables carved into human figures and other vivid forms. The Night of the Radishes is a major tourist draw these days, but it all started with Spanish missionaries in the 1500s. When a new religion and imported crops met indigenous woodcarvers, a novel art form was born.

Adoption Ban Puts Orphans At Center Of U.S.-Russia Dispute

Russian lawmakers are trying to bar Americans from adopting Russian children. It's meant as retaliation against unfavorable U.S. legislation, but opponents of the ban say it treats Russian children as pawns in a political game.