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Doctors In Danger In Syria

As clashes continue in Syria, rebels and the Assad regime are targeting medical personnel and facilities as part of their military strategy, according to recent report by the United Nations Human Rights Council. Dr. Zaher Sahloul says he's seen that firsthand; he talks to host Michel Martin about the dangers in Syria.

As Gamblers Gather, Thailand's Child Boxers Slug It Out

Child boxing in Thailand is denounced by human rights groups, but it remains popular in some rural areas where it attracts large crowds betting large sums on the young fighters. For fighters like 9-year-old Chai Lorlam, the pressure to win is intense.

Russian Security Service Claims To Have Uncovered CIA Agent

The alleged agent was held overnight and then turned over to U.S. officials. Russian security services say he was trying to recruit one of their officers.

Younger Generation Poised To Lead Afghanistan's Future

Afghans under 35 make up about 75 percent of the country's population. Each one of them was born into war and endured their country's nearly unbroken string of conflicts. And they've come of age as Afghanistan struggles to establish itself as an autonomous country.

In Response To Tragedy, Bangladesh May Alter Labor Laws

David Greene talks to Bloomberg reporter Mehul Srivastava, who has been covering last month's Dhaka factory building collapse, about recent labor improvement agreements that retailers and the government in Bangladesh have signed.