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The Young And The Jobless: Hopes On Hold In Spain

For a stark example of the depth of the European economic crisis, consider the job prospects of young Spaniards. Nearly 50 percent are out of work, making it extremely difficult for many to move out of their parents' home, start a career or get married.

Growling With The Gorillas: A Rwanda Mountain Trek

Gorillas often get a bad rap, but folks who work with them say they're as much gentle as giant. On a recent trip to scope out the primates, an NPR producer trekked into the Virunga mountains of East Africa, where more than half of the world's mountain gorillas live.

In A Syrian Village, Evidence Of A Slaughter

A day after they were turned away by Syrian security forces, U.N. monitors reach the village where 78 people were believed slaughtered on Wednesday.
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When Theater Meets Foreign Policy: Cultural Diplomacy

What can foreign policy wonks learn from theater geeks (and vice versa)? Meet a well-respected Iraqi playwright who is in Washington to explore this question.


Obama Warns Eurozone Crisis Could Drag Down U.S.

In a news conference Friday morning, President Obama urged Congress to act on his proposals to create jobs. He also warned of the risks Europe could pose to the U.S. economy. And he rejected accusations that his White House leaked classified national security information for an election year advantage.

After Censorship, Tunisian Bookseller Faces Dilemma

The tables have turned for one bookshop owner in Tunis, who had to operate under censorship during the dictatorship of Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. After having to fight for decades to sell the books she wanted, there is now one volume she doesn't particularly want on her shelves. The former dictator's hated wife, Leila Trabelsi, has come out with her version of the facts, called My Truth.

Assad's 'Shabiha' Terrorize Syrians After Shelling

The Shabiha are Syrian paramilitary fighters largely from Bashar Assad's Alawite sect that have become an instrumental part of the Syrian regime's effort to crush that country's uprising. Eye-witness accounts detail the plainclothes fighters working in tandem with the Syrian military and brutally slaughtering men, women and children in rebel strongholds. Robert Siegel talks with Andrew Tabler, senior fellow with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, about who the Shabiha are and how they operate.

Mexicans Want New Approach To Bloody Drug War

President Felipe Calderon has confronted the drug cartels head-on, and more than 50,000 people have died in recent years. As Mexicans get ready to pick a new president, many are looking for an approach that can lower the level of violence.