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Pakistan's Ambitious Program To Re-Educate Militants

Pakistan's isolated Swat Valley is ground zero for a quiet experiment by the Pakistani army: a little-known program aimed at re-educating thousands of young men who were taken in by the Taliban. Using international funds and a contingent of army officers, Pakistan is trying to turn would-be terrorists into law-abiding citizens.

'Egypt's Jon Stewart' Questioned For Five Hours

Bassem Youssef lampoons Egypt's public figures on TV. He's accused of insulting Islam and President Mohammed Morsi, and his interrogation is prompting fears for free speech in the transitioning country.

Pope's First Easter Mass Sends Messages Of Peace

Pope Francis called for peace before a crowd of tens of thousands in St. Peter's Square on Sunday. He called for reconciliation in the Korean Peninsula, an end to the conflicts in Syria and between Israelis and Palestinians.

Syrian Rebels' Gains Could Be Due To Influx Of Weapons

In Syria this week, rebels fighting to bring down President Bashar Assad have taken a key town in the country's south. And in Syria's capital, Damascus, a mortar attack killed at least 10 students when an outdoor cafe was attacked. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Kelly McEvers about the continuing conflict.

North Korea's Stepped-Up Rhetoric: Is It More Than Talk?

With its missile units on standby and its hotlines cut to South Korea, North Korea continues to stoke tensions on the peninsula. Even China, North Korea's main ally, is now on board with sanctions.

German Anti-Euro Group Has Big-Name Backers

In Germany, a new political party has cropped up with one sole aim: doing away with the euro. Unlike past anti-euro parties in Europe, this one is no fringe group. NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reports they are banking on German frustration over bailouts of eurozone countries to propel them into office in national elections this fall.

Cypriots' New World Marred With Uncertainty

The eurozone bailed out Cyprus, but the years ahead will bring poverty, job losses and fewer opportunities. Host Scott Simon talks with Joanna Kakissis about the mood in Cyprus now.