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U.S. And Russia Hammer Out Plan For Syria's Chemical Weapons

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov resume meetings in Geneva on Friday. The talks are aimed at working out the details of a program in which Syria's Bashar Assad would give up his chemical weapons.

Fit For A Novel: U.S., Russia Differences Over Syria

The past couple of weeks have sometimes felt like an international thriller as American and Russian leaders moved their chess pieces around the board. Renee Montagne talks to Washington Post columnist and novelist David Ignatius about the strategies involving Syria.

13 Years Later, Lance Armstrong Returns Olympic Medal

Already stripped of his Tour de France titles, Armstrong lost another link to his once-legendary cycling career Wednesday, returning the bronze medal he won at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

As The Revolution Fades, Tunisia Begins To Splinter

Tunisia's Islamist ruling party is trying to avoid the fate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which was recently ousted by the military. But it's feeling the heat. As in Egypt, security issues and economic pressures are fueling discontent. Tunisians are increasingly blaming the government.

How A 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Video Improved Asthma Treatment

A doctor at a British hospital was asked to figure out a way to improve the staffers' dismal use of guidelines for better asthma treatment. So he made a low-budget YouTube video they could watch on their phones. In two months, doctors' knowledge of the guidelines doubled.

Bulgaria Closes Cold War 'Umbrella Murder' Case

Georgi Markov was killed in 1978 at a bus stop in London, where an assassin wielding a ricin-tipped umbrella jabbed him in the thigh.

For Some Syrian Refugees, A New Home In Germany

More than 2 million Syrians are refugees in surrounding states. Germany has become the first European country to take in a contingent of refugees, saying they can stay for two years.

Prince William Musters Out: He's Leaving The Military

The Duke of Cambridge, a new father and second in line to the throne, is leaving after seven years in the RAF. "Flight Lt. Wales" has been a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. He'll now focus on his royal duties and charity work.

Pro-Israel Lobby Finds Longtime Supporters Defect On Syria

AIPAC has blanketed Capitol Hill with lobbyists trying to convince Congress to authorize a military strike against Syria. But despite its close ties with many lawmakers, the lobby has had little success.
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Broken Trust: Resettling Iraqis Left Behind After War

We explore the plight of U.S.-affiliated workers in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan with Kirk Johnson, founder of the List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies, and author of the new book, "To Be a Friend is Fatal."