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Spain Expands Renewables With Wave-Powered Electricity Plant

The Bay of Biscay, off Spain's northern coast, is notorious for its huge surf, which has claimed countless lives in shipwrecks over the centuries. Now Spanish engineers have found a way to harness the power of those big waves to produce electricity.

After Israel-Hamas Cease Fire, What's Changed?

Egypt brokered a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Palestinian militants, after eight days of fighting in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel. The Israeli blockade continues, both parties remain implacably opposed and talks on the fundamental issues appear no closer.

Sandwich Monday: The Butter & Sugar Burger

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we make our own version of a special from Asia's Freshness Burger chain: The Butter And Sugar Burger. Spoiler alert: It has two ingredients, and they are butter and sugar. And it's on a bun.

In One Corner Of Syria, A Rebel Victory Results In Friction

Syrian rebels are making advances, but on occasion, there can be tension when they take over a town or village. That happened recently when the rebels captured a Kurdish town in northeastern Syria earlier this month.
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Rebel Advances Fuel Riots In Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is descending into chaos as rebels take over cities and the nation's army does nothing to stop them. Kojo explores the conflict in this poor nation with vast reserves of gold, diamonds and other minerals.


Outrage, Protests In Bangladesh After Factory Fire That Killed Scores

More than 100 workers died in Saturday's blaze, at a factory that had previously been cited as a "high risk." Clothes were made there for retailers in the U.S. and around the world. Today, thousands of workers protested and hundreds of factories were shut down.

Renowned Pakistani Columnist Cowasjee Dies At 86

Pakistani columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee was revered in his nation for exposing corruption, nepotism and mismanagement at all levels of government. He died this weekend at the age of 86. Steve Inskeep has this remembrance.