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Algerian Militants Wanted To Create 'Giant Fireball'

It now appears that the militants who stormed a gas plant in Algeria last month, resulting in the deaths of dozens of hostages, ultimately wanted to create a giant fireball by blowing up the plant. They just couldn't figure out how. David Greene talks to Adam Nossiter of The New York Times, who recently went to the plant and gathered accounts of some former hostages.

Syrian Opposition Leader Holds Talks With Russia, Iran

Over the weekend, one of the main Syrian opposition leaders held informal talks with the regime's main backers — Russia and Iran. The talks were held on the sidelines of a security conference in Germany. It's unclear whether this creates an opening to a political settlement that could end the bloodshed in Syria.

Violence At Both Ends Of Political Spectrum Threatens Greece

Debt-burdened Greece's fragile political stability is under attack. On the left, anti-government groups have bombed a series of Greek government offices, banks and other symbols of the establishment. Meanwhile, violent attacks by supporters of a neo-Nazi and anti-immigrant party are also on the rise.

Tsunami Debris On Alaska's Shores Like 'Standing In Landfill'

Wreckage believed to be from the 2011 Japanese tsunami is washing up thousands of miles away in Alaska. The debris isn't just unsightly — it poses environmental worries for the landscape and animals. One conservationist says the problem may be worse than the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Allegations Of Human Rights Abuse Abound In Mali

As Malian forces backed by French and African troops have retaken the West African nation's contested northern region, there have been allegations of human rights abuses. Human Rights organizations accuse the Malian army of summary executions, among other abuses.

Syrian Activist's Offer Of Talks With Assad Draws Mixed Response

Activist Moaz al Khatib said he was open to talks with representatives of the Syrian regime under certain conditions. Criticism from within Khatib's own ranks was swift, but so was support form Syrians both inside and out of the country.

Iraq Attack Kills At Least 15, Wounds Dozens

The coordinated suicide attack targeted the police headquarters in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. No one has claimed responsibility, but the city is claimed by both Kurds and Arabs.