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Google's 'Looney' Internet Balloons Invade New Zealand

The tech giant hopes the test of flying hotspots will bring service to billions of people in remote areas such as Africa and Southeast Asia.

5 Things To Know About Syria's Rebels

The Syrian war has been raging for two years, yet the rebel fighters are relatively unknown. The U.S. decision to provide weapons will put a spotlight on the rebels, who cover a broad spectrum, from secular nationalists to Islamist extremists.

Pakistani Photographers Take A Personal Picture Of Home

Last year, National Geographic offered a photo camp for emerging Pakistani photographers to explore the tribal areas of their country.

Riot Police In Turkey Move To Quash Protests

After two weeks of anti-government demonstrations, security forces have again clashed with protesters opposed to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Coordinated Attacks Rock Southwestern Pakistan

A bombing on a bus carrying female university students was followed by an attack on the hospital where the victims had been taken. The attacks came just hours after militants destroyed a historic residence that had once been used by the country's founding father.

Islamabad Reservoir Cools Pakistanis

Summers are swelteringly hot in Pakistan. So, when there's no power for up to 18 hours a day (and you can't afford a generator) what do you do? Head for the nearest lake. NPR's Philip Reeves reports from Lake View Park, on the edge of Islamabad's edge.

Are The Protests In Turkey Really About A Park?

Weekend Edition Saturday Host Scott Simon talks to award winning Turkish novelist Elif Shafak about the nature and deeper causes of the protests in Turkey, which erupted two weeks ago.

Turkish Protesters Refuse To Leave Gezi Park

The Turkish government has offered to avoid bulldozing the park, but protesters say other demands have not been met.