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Ramen To The Rescue: How Instant Noodles Fight Global Hunger

The supercheap and palatable noodles help low-wage workers around the world get by, anthropologists argue in a new book. And rather than lament the ascendance of this highly processed food, they argue we should try to make it more nutritious.

CIA's Acknowledgment Of Iran Coup Role Is Latest Revelation

The agency acknowledged this week that it played a role in Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh's ouster in 1953. The CIA also acknowledged the existence of Area 51 and spying on Noam Chomsky.

Australian's Shooting Death Echoes From Oklahoma To Melbourne

The killing of an Australian man who was in the U.S. on a baseball scholarship has brought grief to his hometown and to the small Oklahoma town where he was shot to death. Three teens have been arrested for the crime; one suspect says they simply had nothing better to do, the police report.
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Juan Gabriel Vasquez: "The Sound Of Things Falling"

A new novel set in Colombia explores what happens when an entire nation is gripped by fear. How Colombia's brutal drug wars alter a generation - and how a nation reclaims its soul.


Samsung Under Fire For Alleged Brazil Labor Violations

The company's troubles in Brazil mirror allegations it faces in China. They also are similar allegations of labor violations against Apple in China.

Prince George's First Official Photos Break With Tradition

The casual snapshots, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge's father, are a departure from the professional "first photos" taken in the past. They're another sign of the way the young royals are departing from some ways of the past.

Murder Charges Against Pakistan's Musharraf Are Unprecedented

The former president and army chief is accused of murder. It's alleged that he did not give adequate protection to former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in 2007. Now, a court has taken the unprecedented step of indicting a former leader in a nation dominated by the military.

UPDATE: No Decision Yet On Egyptian Aid, White House Says

While the U.S. has not called the toppling of President Mohammed Morsi a "coup," most direct military aid has been suspended, a top Democratic lawmaker's staff tells The Daily Beast. But the White House says that's incorrect.

English Debate What To Do With Richard III's Remains

More than 500 years after the Wars of the Roses, the English are again fighting over Richard the Third. Archaeologists from the University of Leicester last year unearthed his remains under a parking lot in the city. Leicester Cathedral has earmarked more than a million pounds to give him a proper burial. But not so fast say the people of York.

Pakistan's Former Leader Musharraf Charged In Bhutto's Death

A Pakistani court Tuesday indicted former president and army chief Pervez Musharraf on murder charges in connection with the 2007 assassination of Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. For more on this development, Renee Montagne talks to Associated Press reporter Rebecca Santana, who's in Islamabad.