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Reporter On Friendship With Malala Yousafzai

Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai is receiving treatment in the United Kingdom, after being shot last week by the Taliban. New York Times video and print correspondent Adam Ellick spent months documenting the teen's life. He tells host Michel Martin about the "small video star" that he knows.

Cuban Missile Crisis Passes Quietly, 50 Years Later

The crisis brought the world as close as it's ever been to nuclear war, when the Soviet Union deployed dozens of nuclear weapons in Cuba. On that island nation, where those tense 13 days are known as the October Crisis, the event is being marked in a low-key way.

Urban Parisian Vines Produce Wine With A Drop Of History

Winemaking isn't just for the countryside — at least not in France. There's an urban vineyard located in the heart of the French capital. In the 1920s, local artists planted grapevines to prevent a developer from wiping out the block.

Turks Fear What Syria's War Will Bring

The Turkish government has turned against Syria, but for the Turkish people who live along the Syrian border, it can be complicated. Many have relatives and other ties in northern Syria, and don't see a happy ending to the violence there.

Shooting Of Teenage Girl Stirs Debate In Pakistan

Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai has been airlifted to Britain after being shot in the head by the Taliban. She has been advocating for the education of girls in the Swat Valley, where the Pakistani Taliban had banned girls from going to school.