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Gas Buildup Caused Blast At Mexican Oil Company Headquarters

The country's attorney general said an electrical fault had caused a spark that detonated the leaking gas. He said an investigation found no evidence of explosives in the blast at PEMEX headquarters that killed 37 people.

Archaeologists Confirm Parking Lot Remains Are King Richard III

Scientists say some bones that were dug up in a parking lot in Leicester are those of King Richard III, the much maligned fifteenth century monarch. The research was driven by those who believe that the king was the victim of a posthumous smear campaign in which Shakespeare played a role.

King Richard III May Not Have Been The Tyrant Shakespeare Made Him Out To Be

DNA tests have confirmed that remains found beneath a UK parking lot are those of King Richard III, who ruled over England in the 15th century. Audie Cornish speaks with historian John Ashdown-Hill about who Richard III was in life and in literature.

How Do Israeli And Palestinian Textbooks Treat The Other Side?

Israelis and Palestinians often say that the other side uses school textbooks that ignore or demonize the other side. A three-year study examined the claims.

Iran's Leader Embraces Facebook; Fellow Iranians Are Blocked

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei turned to social media recently. Meanwhile, Iran's government has stepped up efforts to identify and target online pro-democracy activists. Analysts say the government is using increasingly sophisticated methods to shrink the online space for free expression.

The Role Of The Colonizer: France's Intervention In Mali

After Islamic extremists seized parts of Mali, the country's former colonial ruler, France, intervened with a ground and air offensive. This action raises questions about the role of former colonial powers in modern conflicts.