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Holiday Inn In North London Hopes To Horrify Guests

To promote the horror film Mama, the hotel has received a gory makeover. Rooms have blood soaked sheets and scary graffitti.

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Rises In Great Britain

Gonorrhea cases resistant to one of the last effective drugs increased by nearly six times from 2004 to 2011 in Great Britain. Hard-to-treat gonorrhea is a growing trend worldwide, as the bacterium begins to thwart our last defenses.

Za'atar: A Spice Mix With Biblical Roots And Brain Food Reputation

This alluring spice mix has an incredible aroma and deep roots in the Middle East. For centuries, people have been eating za'atar not just for its savory taste but also for its reputed health benefits. Modern research confirms it's packed with antioxidants.

In Istanbul, Police Move Against Anti-Government Protesters

Authorities cleared barricades from Taksim Square. Tear gas and blasts from water cannons forced demonstrators to flee. But police did not move against those who have been occupying Gezi Park, where the unrest began nearly two weeks ago.

Inmates In A Venezuelan Prison Build A World Of Their Own

In Latin America, it's said the only part of a prison the guards control is the gate, leaving convicts to fend for themselves. The inmate boss of one prison takes NPR's Steve Inskeep on a tour.

Lawmakers Work To Gauge Public Mood On NSA And Leaker

Controversies over the National Security Agency's phone records and Internet snooping, and self-proclaimed leaker Edward Snowden, present some in Congress with a dilemma.