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Anti-Japan Protests Erupt In China Over Disputed Islands

A controversy that has lasted decades boiled over this past week, spilling into China's streets Saturday. Thousands demonstrated in one of the biggest protests in Beijing in recent years.

New School Year Brings Tough Lessons In Spain

Budget cuts have hit public education hard — with larger class sizes, pay cuts for teachers, and increased fees for books and school lunches. In some cities, there's a fee just to eat a bag lunch in the school cafeteria. All told, funding for schools in Spain is slated to be reduced some 20 percent by 2015.

Amid Strains, U.S. Begins Wind-Down In Afghanistan

As the U.S. military begins to shrink its footprint in Afghanistan, there are still many issues that need to be worked out. No matter which candidate wins the U.S. presidential election, there will be a host of challenges.

Romney Adviser: U.S. Should Add Terms To Egypt Aid

Audie Cornish speaks with Richard Williamson, Mitt Romney's senior foreign policy adviser. They discuss Romney's foreign policy positions, Libya and other news.

More Protests Erupt After Weekly Prayers In Egypt

Egypt's powerful Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organization is walking a fine line in trying to appease Washington, D.C., in condemning the eruption of deadly regional violence over an anti-Muslim film while also appealing to hardcore demonstrators calling for action against the U.S. At the last minute, the Brotherhood cancelled nationwide protests over the film and called instead for something contained to Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Indian Cartoonist Charged With Sedition

There is a growing controversy in India after a satirical cartoonist was arrested for sedition. The man has since been offered bail, but his original detention raises questions about freedom of speech in India.