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PLO Delegate: Israel Still Needs To Remove Blockade

Robert Siegel speaks with Maen Rashid Areikat, the chief of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) delegation in Washington, who is, in effect, the Palestinian ambassador to the United States. Ariekat says Israel and the United States wanted Egypt to be directly involved with the talks to bring about a cease fire over Gaza. He rejects suggestions that the PLO and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have been marginalized by Hamas and the events in Gaza. Areikat says the PLO is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and that Abbas will press ahead with a bid for recognition as a "non-member state" at the United Nations.

What Gaza Says About Possible Iran-Israel Showdown

The Gaza conflict took the focus off a possible confrontation between Israel and Iran. Israel has threatened to strike Iran over its nuclear program. Some see the Gaza fighting as a trial run, and it has been closely watched for possible military lessons.

Egypt's Evolving Role In Israel-Gaza Conflict

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with the Egyptian president today. It's just one indication of the Egyptian government's influence in the eight-day conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with NPR's Cairo Bureau Chief Leila Fadel and Michael Wahid Hannah of the Century Foundation.

Does Frodo Know? There's Rumbling Near 'Mount Doom'

Ash is spewing thousands of feet into the air from a volcano in the New Zealand national park where Lord of the Ring's climatic scenes were shot. Scientists are warning that the peak that served as a stand-in for "Mount Doom" may soon erupt.
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Paul Reid: "The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of the Realm, 1940-1965"

An award-winning journalist presents a revelatory portrait of Winston Churchill as a brilliant, flawed and dynamic leader in the last 25 years of his life.


In Cairo, Efforts To Reach Mideast Cease-Fire

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is meeting in the capital with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in efforts to help Israel and Hamas reach a cease-fire.

In Congo, Rebels Take Key City

United Nations peacekeepers mostly stood aside as M23 rebels took control of Goma. The fighters are now vowing to move toward the country's capital, Kinshasa.

Rocket, Missile Attacks Persist In Gaza Strip

There was hope Tuesday night that a ceasefire might be reached between Israel and Hamas. But that hasn't happened yet and the death toll continues to rise. The violence in Gaza continues between Hamas and Israel.

Congolese Rebels Control Eastern City Of Goma

Tens of thousands of people have fled days of fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as a rebel militia took control of the key regional capital. U.N. peacekeepers apparently stood aside as the rebels entered the city, which is at the heart of the mineral rich east of the country. It has often been the focus of rebel attacks but this marks the first time in a decade the Congolese government has lost control of the city.