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Mideast Tensions Force Arab-Israeli Writer To Leave Jerusalem

Sayed Kashua had assimilated into Israeli society as much as any Arab could. But last month, the Arab-Israeli writer packed up and left Israel. He tells Steve Inskeep why he left Jerusalem.

A Surge Of Migrants At The Border ... Of Spain

Spain is dealing with its biggest migration crush in decades. More than 1,200 people this week alone have landed on the country's Mediterranean coast in flimsy rafts and boats.

Medical Aid Group: Liberia's Ebola Cases Spiral Upward

Doctors Without Borders is preparing to re-open an Ebola isolation unit in Liberia. The country will again have two Ebola treatment centers, but Doctors Without Borders says it is still not enough.

Reporter's Notebook: A Not-So-Grand Tour Of Ethiopia's Top Hospital

The reporter asks the nurse what the hospital needs. The nurse says, "If you don't help me, why do you ask me?" Welcome to Black Lion, said to be the country's best hospital.

Nicaragua Seems To Escape Problems Suffered By Its Neighbors

Nicaragua is unique in Central America for its low crime rate as well as how few Nicaraguan migrants make the trip north to the U.S. Why is Nicaragua bucking the regional trends?

Young Migrants May Request Asylum, But It's Hard To Get

Amid the emotional debate over the surge in unaccompanied minors from Central America, some migrants will be given refugee status while others can try for asylum.

North Korea Fires Missiles Off Coast As Pope Lands in Seoul

Upcoming U.S.-South Korean military exercises, which the north frequently protests, may also have inspired the show of belligerence, reports NPR's Jason Strother.

Hagel Says Rescue Mission At Iraq's Mt. Sinjar Is No Longer Needed

Fewer Yazidis were on the mountain and they were in better condition than expected, Hagel says. The area has been under siege by militants. Robert Seigel discusses the decision with NPR's David Welna.

Hagel: Rescue Mission On Iraq's Mount Sinjar Less Likely

A U.S. assessment team sent to the mountain concluded there were far fewer Yazidi refugees stranded there than previously thought, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said.
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Warren Weinstein, Rockville Resident, Has Been Held By Al-Qaeda For Three Years

Wednesday marks the third anniversary of the kidnapping of the Maryland resident, who was taken hostage while working for the State Department in Pakistan.