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Elected Leadership Struggles To Rule In Libya

In Libya, guns are still everywhere and the elected leadership is struggling to rule as militias use guns and intimidation when they don't get their way. Most recently they surrounded two ministries and state television to force through a political isolation law that bars former members of Moammar Gaddafi's regime from government posts.

Palestinian Women Use 'Sperm Smuggling' As Act Of Resistance

In prisons around the world, conjugal visits are rarely allowed. Palestinian women say they're getting around that by sneaking their husbands' sperm past Israeli prison guards. Participants say it's an act of resistance.
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Personal Stories from China

For nearly a decade, starting in the late 1980s, journalist Xinran's radio broadcast in her native China served as an outlet for those who had been voiceless, especially women. She has since shared those stories with the world in a number...


Ex-Guatemalan President Extradited To U.S.

Alfonso Portillo was taken from a hospital bed in Guatemala City and flown to New York to face charges of laundering $70 million through U.S. banks.

2 Men Arrested After Pakistani Jet Is Diverted Over U.K.

Something happened aboard the flight from Lahore, Pakistan, to Manchester, England. Royal Air Force fighters were scrambled and the plane was ordered to land at an airport in Essex.

James Joyce Coin-troversy Reportedly Could Have Been Averted

Irish banking officials should have known there were problems with the controversial 10-euro coin commemorating James Joyce, according to Ireland's RTE News. The coin misquotes the author's Ulysses, and bears an image of Joyce that his estate did not approve.

British Soldier Hacked To Death Was 'Our Hero,' Family Says

As Lee Rigby's family struggles with grief, they're speaking about the young man's love of life. He was killed Wednesday. Witnesses heard — and recorded — the attackers saying that they were angry about the deaths of Muslims during the wars in Iran and Afghanistan.