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North Korea Moves Missile To Its Eastern Coast

North Korea is said to have moved a missile closer to its east coast, and threatens to close a joint industrial zone.

Britain's Class System More Complicated Than Once Thought

A new study finds that the socio-economic class system in Britain is more complicated than previously thought. Instead of the standard categories of lower, upper, and middle class, the study identifies seven social classes. Audie Cornish talks with researcher Fiona Devine about the findings.

North Korea Blocks South Korean Workers From Shared Facility

Earlier this week we talked about the Kaesong Industrial Complex with a North Korea expert — professor Aidan Foster-Carter from Leeds University. The facility is the North Korean manufacturing base for 120 South Korean firms and is a workplace for Koreans from both sides of the border. Now that South Korean workers have been blocked from entering the complex, Audie Cornish checks in with Foster-Carter once again.
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FilmFest D.C.

The Washington D.C. International Film Festival kicks off this week with a smorgasbord of more than 80 films from around the world, playing at theaters across the city.


New Mortgage Program Helps Cambodia's Poor Find Better Homes

An innovative new loan program in Cambodia targeting low-income residents is a throwback to the days when bankers got to know their customers — and trusted them.

The Sky Isn't Falling Over The Korean Peninsula — Yet

ANALYSIS: The threats are coming almost daily. But put what's being said by North Korean leaders in context, and remember, we've heard this before. Still, war on the Korean peninsula would be disastrous. So the talk can't be dismissed.