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After Weeks Of Wrangling, An Israeli Government Takes Shape

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally put together a coalition that appears focused on domestic issues rather than security questions or negotiations with the Palestinians.

Shanghai's Dead Pigs: Search For Answers Turns Up Denials

The discovery of thousands of dead pigs floating in the waters around Shanghai has turned up disturbing reports: of pig dumping and the sale of meat from diseased animals among pig farmers. In the village where some of the pigs came from, we found serial denials.

Argentina Reacts To Pope Francis

Renee Montagne speaks with Hugh Bronstein, a Thomson Reuters correspondent in Buenos Aires, about what the election of Pope Francis means to Argentines.

New Pope, New Ground

Following celebrations for the historic election of Argentine Pope Francis, it's time to look at the business of leading the world's 1.2 billion Catholics — bureaucracy and all. Host Michel Martin discusses the Pope's future agenda with Reverend Jose Hoyos, of the Diocese of Arlington, and religion professor Anthea Butler.

It's Russian Mardi Gras: Time For Pancakes, Butter And Fistfights

Across Russia, pancakes and butter abound as the country marks a week-long celebration before the start of Orthodox Lent. Pagan in origin, Maslenitsa calls for plenty of eating, sledding, merrymaking – and even organized fistfights.

In Argentina, The New Pope Has Many Supporters, And A Few Critics

The new pontiff is widely revered for his many years of work with the poor. But he has not been immune from criticism in a country that has gone through tumultuous times.

Co-Founder Of Khmer Rouge Dies; Ieng Sary Escapes Judgment For Genocide

An estimated 1.7 million Cambodians were killed during the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror. As "Brother Number Three" in the leadership and foreign minister, Ieng Sary allegedly convinced many Cambodians who had fled to return. Then, many were allegedly tortured and executed.

Why North Korea Makes Everyone Nervous ... Except Dennis Rodman

North Korea's threats have put the other countries in the region on edge. South Korea, Japan and China have a history of strained ties, but are united in wanting to restrain North Korea.