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Will Israel Charge Soldiers In Gaza Civilian Deaths?

Israel is investigating potential criminal actions by its troops last summer during the war against Hamas in Gaza, including three attacks that killed nearly 50 civilians taking refuge in schools.

'Nepali Times' Editor: After Quakes, Nepalese Surprisingly Upbeat

Two earthquakes and numerous aftershocks have hit Nepal, killing thousands and leaving millions in need. Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times, tells NPR's Scott Simon about how people are coping.

What If Americans Ate Like South Africans And Vice Versa?

In a two-week diet swap, they got burgers and fries. We got kale salad and corn porridge. Guess whose bowels fared better?

All 8 Bodies Recovered From U.S. Helicopter Crash In Nepal

The bodies of six U.S. Marines and two Nepalese soldiers were recovered near the crash site in remote mountains northeast of Kathmandu where it was delivering earthquake relief aid.

Thousands Of Rohingya Migrants Stranded At Sea After Fleeing Myanmar

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks to Thomas Fuller of The New York Times about the several thousand Rohingya migrants who fled Myanmar. No country will take them in, and they are adrift at sea.

What Should Liberia Do With Its Empty Ebola Treatment Units?

Now that Liberia is Ebola-free, it has to figure out what to do with 21 Ebola treatment units built during the outbreak.

Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf Will Be Gone Within Years, NASA Says

What's left of the Larsen B shelf, two-thirds of which underwent a spectacular collapse in 2002, will disappear by the end of the decade, according to a new study.

Colombia Will End Coca Crop-Dusting, Citing Health Concerns

The U.S.-funded aerial spraying program has been aimed at killing the plants that feed the cocaine industry. Colombia says one of the chemicals in the spray may cause illnesses.

Why No One Wants The Rohingyas

As thousands of members of the persecuted minority flee Myanmar and Bangladesh on rickety boats, the rest of Southeast Asia is showing a distinct reluctance to take them in.

Why We Can Depend On The Kindness Of Strangers

Our ability to get along with folks who aren't relatives could be a legacy of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. And it's rooted in the fact that those societies had gender equity.