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Author Of 'Trainspotting' Backs Scotland's Bid For Independence

Polls show that next week's referendum on whether to separate from the United Kingdom is too close to call. For a pro-independence view, Steve Inskeep talks to Scottish author Irvine Welsh.

Mideast Region Reacts To Obama's Speech With Skepticism

In a prime-time speech Wednesday, President Obama said the U.S. plans to "take out" the Islamic State "wherever they exist." Signaling a broadening of the American offensive so far.

Fast-Moving Ebola Slows Down Liberia's Economy

Farmers are too frightened to tend their fields. Customers have stopped going to restaurants, bars and other shops. So now people in Liberia's "breadbasket" region are depending on food donations.

The Alibaba Effect: How China's eBay Transformed Village Economics

At first, Sun Han made a staggering 100 percent profit margin on his furniture. Soon everyone in his village was opening a furniture factory — and didn't need to raise pigs anymore.

Transcript: President Obama On How U.S. Will Address Islamic State

The president delivered a prime-time televised address to the American people on his efforts to go after the group in Iraq and Syria.

Obama Says U.S. Will 'Take Out' Islamic State 'Wherever They Exist'

Signaling a broadening of the American offensive to date, the president said he would not hesitate to order strikes inside Syria. "If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven," Obama warned.

Nepal Struggles To Help Villages Washed Away In Floods

Thousands of families are living in schools, empty buildings and open fields after massive flooding. Although there's money to help, many are still without food, water and a dry place to sleep.

Underneath Stonehenge, 'A Map Of What Was There In The Past'

Researchers from Birmingham University used high-tech equipment to map 17 ritual monuments in the area. That's in addition to the iconic circle of stones that has stood there for thousands of years.

ISIS Convenient For Assad's Narrative On Civil War

Syrian President Bashar Assad is in the fourth year of a civil war against ISIS and other rebel groups. But some say he's let ISIS flourish so it can overwhelm more moderate, Western-backed rebels.

President Obama To Outline Strategy For Confronting ISIS

In a prime-time address on Wednesday night, President Obama is expected to frame the threat posed by the Islamic State and outline his strategy for "degrading and ultimately destroying the terrorist group." The speech comes as domestic public opinion on intervention has changed markedly in the wake of the beheading of two American journalists.