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G20 Leaders Pledge Growth, Threaten More Sanctions On Russia

The meeting wrapped up with a pledge to grow global output by 2.1 percent in the next five years, but Russia's President Vladimir Putin got the cold shoulder.

Putin Leaves G-20 Meeting As Leaders Meet On Ukraine

Leaders who attended the G-20 summit in Brisbane, Australia head home after mixed results. Correspondent Mara Liasson speaks to NPR's Rachel Martin about President Obama's overseas trip.

In A Back-And-Forth Battle, An Iraqi Town Splits On Ethnic Lines

When the Islamic State seized the town of Zumar, the Kurds fled. Now Kurdish fighters have taken control, and it's the Arabs who have been driven out. Is this the future of Iraq?

ISIS Issues Video Showing Beheading Of American Aid Worker

The self-declared Islamic State released a new video Sunday that shows the beheading of hostage Peter Kassig, who was kidnapped in Syria last year.

Questions Linger Regarding Bodies Of 43 Mexican Students

The apparent discovery of the bodies of 43 Mexican students caused nationwide uproar and protests. NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo about the reaction to the discovery.

Ebola-Infected Doctor Arrives In Nebraska For Treatment

Dr. Martin Salia, who got the virus while working in Sierra Leone, is said to be sicker than some of the other patients who have been successfully treated for the disease in the U.S.

Boko Haram Seizes Town That Is Home To Kidnapped Schoolgirls

The rebel group that abducted nearly 300 girls in April has captured the town where they were taken, dashing faint hopes that a cease-fire deal with the government could still be salvaged.

Putin Gets Frosty Reception At G20 In Australia

President Obama and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper were among those who gave the Russian leader an earful over Moscow's involvement in Ukraine.

Hong Kong Democracy Leaders Barred From Traveling To Beijing

Three student activists, including Alex Chow, were stopped at the airport as they sought to board a flight in hopes of meeting with Chinese leaders.

Gen. Dempsey Lands In Iraq As U.S. Presence Starts To Grow

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey's visit comes as the U.S. prepares to deploy 1,500 military advisors to Iraq.