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Zimbabwean Author On Mugabe's Quest To Hold On To Power

Renee Montagne talks with Zimbabwean author Peter Godwin about Zimbabwe's presidential election and Robert Mugabe's quest to continue his grip on power.

India Clearing The Way For New State

India looks about to acquire a new state, with a decision by the ruling Congress party to support splitting off a number of districts from Andhra Pradesh. The new state of Telangana will be the first formed not on the basis of language or ethnicity, but after claims by many residents that the area has been neglected by central and regional politicians. Many residents believe they will fare better as an independent state, but opponents warn it could lead to widespread demands for statehood from other disaffected regions.

Anti-Gay Riot In Tblisi Tests Balance Between Church, State

Priests of the powerful Georgian Orthodox Church led a recent attack on a group of people protesting against homophobia in Tblisi, Georgia. The incident in May raises questions about human rights and the balance of power between church and state in the religiously conservative former Soviet republic.

E.U. Meeting In Egypt Does Little To Quell Political Crisis

European Union envoy Catherine Ashton completed a round of talks in Cairo with Egyptian officials and opposition leaders including ousted president Mohammed Morsi. Ashton says she will continue her mediation efforts to resolve Egypt's worsening political crisis.

Does Egypt's Crisis Signal The End Of Political Islam?

We take a look at what the Muslim Brotherhood's fall from grace means for the future of religion and politics in Egypt. Was it tested, failed and now dead?

Pentagon Report: Taliban Still Strong In Afghanistan

The latest Pentagon report to Congress on Afghanistan says the insurgency is still "resilient" and violence in some areas is at the same level as last year. But the Afghan forces are taking the brunt of the casualties now that the U.S. troop presence has decreased and the remaining forces have turned to training the Afghans.

Zimbabweans Hope For Fair And Peaceful Presidential Election

Zimbabweans vote for a new president Wednesday, after a violent and disputed election in 2008 and five anxious and turbulent years since. The vote ends a power-sharing deal between veteran leader Robert Mugabe and his main political rival, who is the top challenger in the presidential race.

Ireland Enacts Law Providing For Abortion, A First

The legislation provides women with access to abortion in cases where their lives are at risk, including cases in which suicide could be a factor.

Investigators: Train Conductor Was On Phone During Spain Crash

Train conductor Francisco Jose Garzon Amo faces dozens of charges of homicide and causing injury by professional neglect. Court papers say he was on the phone at the time of the crash.

After 3 Decades Of Mugabe, Could Zimbabwe Get A New Leader?

Zimbabwe is gearing up for elections this week, and 89-year-old President Robert Mugabe is hoping to continue his grip on power. NPR's Africa correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton is in Harare for the vote. She joins host Michel Martin to talk more about what's at stake.