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Pakistan May Not Have Made The World Cup Cut, But The Ball Is Another Story

The people of Pakistan may be far more celebrated for cricket than soccer, but that doesn't deter them from taking great pride that their country manufactured the official 2014 World Cup ball.

U.S. Drones Kill 13 Suspected Militants In Pakistan

The strikes are the first by the U.S. in nearly six months, and come just days after the Pakistani Taliban staged an audacious attack on Karachi airport, Pakistan's largest.

Want Time Off To Watch The World Cup? China Has Just What The Doctor Ordered

Online stores there are selling fake doctor's notes — even extensive falsified medical records. NPR's Frank Langfitt wanted to see how the process works, so he bought a doctor's note for himself.

British Court Blocks All-Secret Trial For Terrorism Suspects

The Court of Appeal ruled that while the core of the trial can be held in secret, portions of it must be open to the public. It also allowed the suspects, known until now as AB and CD, to be named.
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Desperation Drives Immigrant Children To Attempt Border Crossings Alone

Many children of Central American immigrants are attempting border crossings on their own, often leading to detention near the United State's southern borders — far from families in the D.C. area.


Militants Make Gains In Iraq Amid Report U.S. Rebuffed Calls For Help

Al-Qaida-linked fighters have taken Mosul and Tikrit, while Kurdish fighters have seized Kirkuk. Meanwhile, a news report says the U.S. rejected Iraqi calls for an airstrike against the militants.

Islamist Militants Gain Ground In Northern Iraq

Sunni Islamist militants have seized control of the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Tikrit and appear to be preparing an assault on Baghdad. Americans fought and died trying to prevent that from happening.

Hagel Defends Bergdahl Exchange Before House Panel

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel explained why the Obama administration agreed to swap five top Taliban leaders for the release of an Army enlisted man, who willingly left his post in Afghanistan.

Brazil's Team Favored To Win Problem-Ridden World Cup

The World Cup kicks off in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Thursday with the host country playing Croatia. Fans and organizers hope attention on the games will overtake the numerous problems.

Chinese Soccer Fans Sick Over World Cup Time Difference

Need time off from work to watch soccer? If you're in China, problem solved. Online stores can provide fake doctor's notes to get you days of sick leave. In China, the daily openers begin at midnight.