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Algeria Attack Raises Security Alarms For Energy Firms

Islamic militants' attack on a huge gas plant in the Sahara underscores the dangers that energy companies face when they do business in politically unstable places. Such facilities can be hard to protect and fences alone don't do the job, security experts say.

Algerian Gas Plant Seizure May Mark New Stage In Al-Qaida Evolution

America's chief terrorism concern used to be al-Qaida's core, led by Osama bin Laden. Then the group's affiliates, like its arm in Yemen, became the most serious threat. Now, analysts say, the Algerian attack by a group that had left al-Qaida's fold may be the latest iteration in terrorist threats.

Rape A 'Significant And Disturbing' Feature Of Syrian War

Syrian women far outnumber men in the refugee camps in neighboring Jordan. A new report by the International Rescue Committee says that gender-based violence in Syria is one of the main causes of women fleeing the country, and that reports of rape and violence against women are on the rise. In a clinic catering to Syrian refugees on the Jordanian border, a psychologist says she is shocked by some of the stories she hears of public rapes and torture.

Exit Polls Project Netanyahu Will Lead Israel For Another Term

Election officials were reporting a relatively high voter turnout during Israel's national election on Tuesday. Exit polls projected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will remain in power for a third term.

French Soldier's Skeleton Scarf Goes Viral, Military Launches Investigation

The grinning image has angered the French brass. They're launching an investigation to identify the soldier. According to the AFP photographer who took the photo, the soldier and his comrades were trying to cover their faces as a helicopter kicked up dust.

Obama Overseas: Speak Loudly And Carry A Smaller Stick

The president has made clear his desire for an end to more than a decade of "perpetual war." He has readily used drone strikes and other military tools to fight terrorism, but he appears to have no appetite for lengthy conflicts that would require sizable troop deployments.

Netanyahu Favored To Retain His Job As Israel Votes

The Israeli prime minister appears likely to get a third term, though it's not clear what a coalition government might look like.