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How To Protest Effectively

From Turkey to Brazil, tens of thousands of protesters are trying to get their voices heard. But what makes an effective protest? Host Jacki Lyden speaks with Bibi van der Zee of The Guardian and author of The Protestor's Handbook about the history of protests and strategies demonstrators use to broadcast their cause.

Brazil Protests Rage On, Despite Government Call For Change

Host Jacki Lyden checks in with NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro about the ongoing protests in Brazil. Despite comments of reassurance by the country's president Friday night, throngs of anti-government protesters continue to rally in cities across the country.

Philippines Pulverizes Ivory To Discourage Traffickers

The Philippines is a stopover for dealers trying to unload illegal ivory into the Asian black market. On Friday, the government destroyed 5 pounds of confiscated ivory.

'I'm So Excited': Pedro Almodovar's Spanish Metaphor

The legendary film director's new film is about a group of passengers stuck on an airplane. It's a comedy: In between panicking, the passengers find time to fall in love, make love — and come out of the closet. It's also a return to the filmmaker's Spanish roots.

'Friends Of Syria' Countries Meet To Map Out Arming Rebels

The 11-nation group of foreign ministers are in the Qatari capital, Doha, to discuss the logistics of arming Syrian rebels who are seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

Brazil Protests Continue

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks with Brazil Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota about the mass protests taking place in that country over corruption and the rising cost of living.

Brazil's Indians Reclaim Land Citing Promises, Using Force

Brazil has become a global powerhouse when it comes to agriculture. Yet there's friction in the country's rural heartland: Cattle ranchers and soybean producers are facing off with indigenous tribes over who has rights to vast tracts of land.

India Revives An Ancient University

At one time, Nalanda University was a prestigious center of learning that attracted scholars from all over Asia. But after it was destroyed in the late 1100s, it languished. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks with Nobel economist Amartya Sen about plans to revive the ancient university as a collaborative school between several Asian nations.

Amid Ire At U.S., Germany Does Its Own Domestic Spying

Revelations that the NSA spied on foreign Internet communications are a particularly sensitive issue in Germany, where memories of privacy intrusions under communist rule in the east remain vivid. But the German government itself is beefing up existing surveillance in the name of fighting terrorism.
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Widespread Protests In Brazil

Brazilians have taken to the streets to protest rising prices, high taxes and government corruption. What the demonstrations mean for Latin America’s biggest economy.