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Friday News Roundup - International

Protests in Egypt over the president's power grab. The Palestinian Authority makes a U.N. bid. And European finance ministers set new bailout terms for Greece.


Report Proposes Tougher Oversight For British Press

On Thursday, Lord Justice Leveson released his report on regulating the British press, following phone hacking and other abuses by the tabloids. For more details on what's in the report, David Greene speaks to reporter Vicki Barker in London.

U.K. Inquiry: News Media 'Wreaked Havoc,' New Watchdog Needed

After a scandal involving the hacking of cellphones and the paying of bribes for information, a judge was asked to sort out the mess and offer recommendations. Now, he's calling for an independent panel that would promote high standards and protect individuals' rights.

Remains Thought To Be King Richard III

Renee Montagne speaks with Member of Parliament Chris Skidmore of Bristol about what are likely the recently discovered remains of Richard III, and attempts to clear the ruthless reputation of the former English king.

What Will A U.N. Upgrade Mean For Palestinians?

Changing one word for another — "entity" for "state" — will be symbolic and will give Palestinians access to such U.N. bodies as the International Criminal Court.

Palestinians' Abbas Goes To U.N. Seeking New Status

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas appears at the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday to request an upgrade in the Palestinians' status at the world body.

Is Iran Ready For A New Round Of Nuclear Talks?

Diplomats and analysts are discussing prospects for another round of nuclear talks between six world powers and Iran. Tehran seems interested, even sending signals about possible bilateral talks with the U.S. But analysts say the window for progress is small before Iran's election season kicks in next spring. Meanwhile a new push on sanctions is expected, possibly including the sale of Iranian gas — a sensitive subject for neighboring Turkey, which recently acknowledged that it has been essentially bartering Turkish gold for Iranian gas.

Judge's Report Due On Regulating British Press

On Thursday, Lord Justice Leveson is expected to release his report on regulating the British press, following phone hacking and other abuses by the tabloids. The report, and Prime Minister David Cameron's response to it, will likely be controversial.