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In Fight Against Extremists, Mali Is Far From Alone

French troops and air bombardments are now girding the Malians in the current battle against Islamist advances. They're also being joined by troops from several other African nations.

Like Sumo Wrestling, With Lots Of Spit: Camels Tussle In Turkey

Call it "the rumble by the ruins." Each year, Turkey's toughest camels gather in Selcuk, near the Aegean Sea, for the Camel Wrestling Championship. It's a Turkic tradition dating back thousands of years. But it is a tradition under threat.

'Sick And Tired,' Residents In Southern Mexico Defend Themselves

They are fighting back against drug traffickers and gangs who have terrorized the residents of Guerrero state. Armed with shotguns and rusted machetes, the self-defense brigades have set up roadblocks and arrested suspects — all without help from the authorities.

Predictions, Warnings Round Out World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum ended Saturday in Davos, Switzerland, and Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times gives weekends on All Things Considered host Robert Smith a debrief on the week's events and why predictions made there are so often wrong.

EU Money Sends Migrants Stuck In Greece Home

For years, most undocumented immigrants have been entering the European Union through Greece. They intend to settle in richer countries, but strict border controls and a broken asylum system means they end up not leaving Greece. Many are now turning to an EU-funded repatriation program that will pay their way home.