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Ex-U.S. Army Sniper Instructor Nabbed In Thai 'Hit Squad' Sting

The former sergeant allegedly helped recruit others from Europe and the U.S. to help carry out contract killings.

Obama Speaks To Iranian President Rouhani

In a press conference Wednesday, President Obama said he had spoken with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani by telephone, the first such contact between the leaders of the two nations since 1979.

Aid Groups Say Relief Should Be Part Of UN Deal On Syria

UN Security Council diplomats are working on a resolution that focuses on ridding Syria of chemical weapons. Aid groups want the UN to go further and help them open up routes to get desperately needed assistance to Syrians uprooted by the civil war. They say the paralysis on the security council has had a real costs on the ground and has added to donor fatigue.

Cuban Athletes Can Finally Go Pro (Outside Of Cuba)

For the first time in over 50 years, Cuba is letting its athletes sign professional contracts in other countries. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis talks to Robert Siegel about the historic announcement.

Gaza Strip Proves Uneven Refuge For Syrian Refugees

The UN says at least two million people have left Syria over the past two and a half years, seeking refuge in other countries. More than two thousand people have sought safety in the Gaza Strip. Some are finding work and a semblance of stability there. Others are suffering economically and emotionally but count themselves lucky to be free from military attacks.

Egypt Foreign Minister: Elections And Constitution By Spring

Robert Siegel speaks with former Egyptian ambassador to the U.S. and the current foreign minister for Egypt's interim government, Nabil Fahmy, about some of the crises facing his country.

Amb. Power: Security Council Draft Plan On Syria Has Teeth

The United Nations Security Council is considering a legally binding resolution that would require the Syrian government to give up its chemical weapons. Robert Siegel talks with Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, for more.

Around The World, Notions Of Beauty Can Be A Real Beast

In pursuit of beauty, women around the globe subject themselves to complicated and bizarre, not to mention dangerous, procedures. In the West, that can mean going for darker skin. In Africa and parts of Asia, the opposite is the goal. Seriously, a sister just can't win.

Kenyan Mall Attack Update: 3 Who Were Suspects Are Released

Also Friday, there's word from the Kenyan Red Cross that 59 people remain missing. Terrorists killed at least 61 civilians and 6 security officers during the attack on a mall in Nairobi and a four-day siege that followed.
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Al Jazeera America And The News

Kojo sits down with the executive producer of Al Jazeera America's flagship news program, “America Tonight,” to discuss the channel's first month of broadcasting, its approach to news coverage and how the channel fits into a rapidly changing media landscape.