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China Launches Its First Aircraft Carrier

China has just joined an exclusive global club with the launch of its first aircraft carrier. David Greene talks to naval historian and defense analyst Paul Beaver about the new Chinese aircraft carrier that has just entered service in China's navy.

Police Fire Rubber Bullets At Spanish Protesters

Austerity protesters in Spain have launched a new movement dubbed "Occupy Congress." They are surrounding the Spanish Parliament with a human chain. After more than a year of mostly peaceful protests, this one got violent.

After 48 Years Of War, Colombians Plan Peace Talks

Colombia's government has announced peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a Marxist insurgency that has been fighting a brutal conflict for nearly five decades. But memories of previous, unsuccessful attempts at peace are still fresh for civilians in the rebels' mountainous heartland.
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Analysis: Renewing The Push To Release Maryland Resident Allen Gross From Cuban Prison

Maryland resident Allen Gross remains in a Cuban jail for allegedly bringing restricted communications equipment into the country. Senator Ben Cardin is leading a renewed push to see him freed.


Mixing Past And Present In Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, once home to cannibals, still has an exotic aura. The local tourist economy caters to those notions, and visitors may see a hybrid of the traditional and the modern.