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'There Is No Austerity In Fashion,' Or In Paris

France seems a peaceful island in the debt storm that rages in Europe. As NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports, there have been no cutbacks to speak of, and people, especially in the glittering city of Paris, continue to enjoy the good life.

Clinton: 'Everyone' Is Worried About Syria

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is back in Washington after a long day of negotiating over Syria Saturday. The watered-down agreement was quickly dismissed by the Syrian rebels. NPR's Michele Kelemen spoke with Clinton before she boarded her flight home.

Anger Grows In Hong Kong Over China, New Leader

China's President Hu Jintao has sworn in a new leader for Hong Kong amid large public protests. The island is marking the 15th anniversary of its return to Chinese sovereignty at a time when mistrust toward China is at its highest level since Hong Kong's handover in 1997.

The Challenge For President Morsi: Unite Egypt

As Egypt's first freely elected president and its first Islamist head of state, Mohammed Morsi must convince Egyptians he can put the nation's interests ahead of his party's Islamist agenda.

Sanctions May Squeeze Iran ... And Raise Oil Prices

European nations have pledged to cut off oil imports from Iran beginning Sunday, tightening the sanctions that target Iran's nuclear program. Iran is expected to feel the squeeze — but the move could also push up world oil prices.

Egypt's New President Officially Sworn In

Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsi, takes the oath of office in Cairo Saturday. He is the country's first civilian president. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Peter Kenyon.

Kofi Annan Appeals To Leaders For Solution In Syria

Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan is making a big push Saturday to try to keep his peace plan for Syria on track. He convened a meeting with foreign ministers in Geneva to back up his ideas for promoting a political transition. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Michele Kelemen.

Sports: Talking Wimbledon Match-Ups

Host Scott Simon covers the latest from Wimbledon with Howard Bryant of ESPN.