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Obama's Africa Trip To Focus On Democracy, Investment

President Obama leaves Wednesday morning for a week-long tour through three African countries. It's his first extended visit to the continent as president. He'll be making stops in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

Sprint Shareholders Approve SoftBank Merger

Sprint Nextel shareholders have signed off on an offer from Japan's SoftBank to acquire a majority stake in the U.S. wireless carrier. The deal which is expected to be approved by U.S. regulators could bring more robust competition to the U.S. mobile market.

Jordan Accused Of Targeting Online Dissent

The Jordanian government has been cracking down on news and other Internet sites. A new law requires those sites to be registered with the government, pay a large fee and to have a government approved editor for local sites. Some say the new law is another form of censorship.

Taliban Attack In Kabul Comes Ahead Of Peace Negotiations

Suicide bombers attacked multiple buildings in Kabul, including Afghanistan's presidential palace, early Tuesday. Robert Siegel talks with The New York Times Kabul bureau chief, Alissa Rubin, about the attack and its timing in relation to negotiations with the Taliban.

Russia, U.S. At Odds Over Fate Of Edward Snowden

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the man who leaked secret U.S. documents about government surveillance programs is still in a Moscow airport transit lounge and is free to go wherever he wants. Putin is dismissing calls by the U.S. to send Edward Snowden home to face felony charges, saying Moscow had nothing to do with Snowden's travel plans. He also said Russia views Snowden as a human rights activist. Secretary of State John Kerry says he doesn't think there should be a confrontation with Russia over Snowden and says he's asking, not ordering, Russia to treat Snowden as a fugitive.

Dozens Dead After Clashes With Radical Cleric In Lebanon

After 25 hours of fighting, clashes have died down in the southern city of Sidon in Lebanon. At least 16 soldiers and 40 gunmen are dead. Radical Sunni Muslim Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir is on the run and possibly holed up in the Ain al Helweh Palestinian camp.

Saudi Arabia Solidifies Support Of Syrian Opposition

Secretary of State John Kerry held a press conference Tuesday with the Saudi foreign minister. Prince Saud al-Faisal said his country cannot ignore Iran and Hezbollah's support of Assad's regime. NPR foreign correspondent Deb Amos explains Saudi Arabia's role in Syria.

Cardboard Bike's Fundraiser Is Rolling

Israel inventor Izhar Gafni hopes to make reliable, tough bikes that can sell for only about $20 each. Videos of his invention went viral last year. He's using the Web to raise money.

Germany Says It's Uncovered Terrorist Plot Using Model Planes

Prosecutors say the plan involved at least two men, both of Tunisian origin. Police carried out nine pre-dawn raids in southern and eastern Germany as well as Belgium to gather evidence.

Will GMOs Help Protect Ugandan Families Against Hunger?

If your meals depended largely on the success of your family farm, would it change the way you felt about new crop technologies? Uganda is debating whether to give its first genetically modified plant, a GM banana, to millions of families for free.