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Investors Turn Away From Emerging Markets

There has been a shift in recent week and global investors have been pulling their money from emerging markets. To find out the reason, Renee Montagne talks to David Wessel, economics editor for The Wall Street Journal.

Showdown Between Egypt's President And Army Counts Down

The 48-hour deadline Egypt's army imposed on the president to compromise with his opponents or face a military roadmap ends on Wednesday. Egypt's generals have said they will impose their own road map for ending the unrest if President Morsi can't or won't.

Egypt's Military Threatens To Oust President Morsi

President Mohammed Morsi must compromise with his opponents Wednesday or face the generals laying out their plan for governance. Egyptians are so angered by their poor economy and what they fear is Morsi's drive for unchecked power that many are receptive to the prospect of a military coup.

Pakistan Feels Pressure To Make Peace With Islamist Militants

As their neighbors, the Afghans, shuffle distrustfully toward the negotiating table with the Taliban, Pakistanis are wondering what this means for them. Their own wars have already claimed tens of thousands of lives, and continue to yield daily atrocities.

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush Attend African First Ladies Summit

First lady Michelle Obama and former first lady Laura Bush shared the stage in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Tuesday, at an event for the First Ladies of Africa. NPR contributor Cokie Roberts moderated the event.

Protests Dwindle In Brazil Due To Lack Of Leadership

Small-scale protests are continuing in Brazil but the massive movement has died down as quickly as it flared up. One of the reasons is protest confusion. The perils of having no leadership are that people don't know what protests are real.

One Man's Quest To Make Medical Technology Affordable To All

David Green says capitalism practiced with empathy is the right way to make health care available to the masses. The social entrepreneur is working on medical devices and services that can make a difference in the developing world.

Rumors Lead To Day Of Confusion In Edward Snowden Search

After a day of ambiguous statements, confusion and a rerouted plane carrying Bolivia's leader, it seems the U.S. is no closer to pinning down the location of Edward Snowden, the fugitive former security contractor who is desperate to find asylum.

Egypt's Morsi Says He Won't Step Down, Defies Army's Demand

President Mohammed Morsi is calling for the military to rescind its ultimatum that he either reach a compromise with critics or disband the current leadership. In a speech Tuesday night, Morsi said doing so would undermine the legitimacy of the constitution.

Syrian Rebel Commander: 'We Need A Lot Of Things'

Gen. Salim Idris is the commander of the Free Syrian Army. Robert Siegel talks to the General about the rebels' needs for weapons, their strategy in fighting the administration and their definition of success.