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'Suppository' Gaffe Makes Politician The Butt Of Jokes

Tony Abbott, who might be Australia's next prime minister, was making the case that current prime minister Kevin Rudd has too much decision-making power. His words struck a bum note, though.

London Puts Stop To Sidewalk Bins That Track Cellphones

The Renew company has been asked to cease tracking the cellphones of pedestrians who pass its recycling bins, which also double as kiosks showing video advertisements. The bins logged data about any Wi-Fi-enabled device that passed within range.

Bangladesh Textile Exports Surge; Another Factory Worker Dies

The country's garment industry is still going strong despite the building collapse in April. But the latest death underscores the human toll of the tragedy that has claimed more than 1,100 lives.

New Discovery Shows Spanish Imprint In U.S.

When people think of U.S. history, they often jump to the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. But a new archaeological discovery shows just how far inland Spanish explorers traveled, decades before the English arrived. Kenneth C. Davis talks about some of the hidden Spanish history in the U.S.

Italy's First Black Minister Finds Herself A Target Of Slurs

Congo-born Cecile Kyenge's appointment in April as integration minister was hailed as a landmark for diversity. Instead, the mood of racial progress in Italy has suffered. The debate highlights growing intolerance and what the prime minister has called a shameful chapter for the country.

India Unveils Locally Built Aircraft Carrier

The INS Vikrant cost $5 billion and was beset by delays, but the vessel gives India an ego boost over its more powerful neighbor China. With Monday's announcement, India joins a select group of countries that have built their own aircraft carriers.

Taxi Riders In Oslo Surprised By Who's Driving Them Around

As part of his re-election campaign, the Norwegian prime minister went under cover as a cab driver for one day in June. A video of the stunt was just released. In it, some passengers are shocked to see their leader taking fares, others were just very critical about his driving skills.

Ahead Of Peace Talks, Israel Expands Settlements

Just days before U.S. brokered peace talks are to resume, the Israeli government has cleared the way for construction of more than a thousand new housing units in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. The move is sure to cast a shadow over the talks, but Israeli expectations for the talks are already very low.

Mexican Court Frees Drug Lord In DEA Agent's Death

The U.S. is furious over Mexico's early release of jailed drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero — who was serving a 40 year sentence for murdering a U.S. drug enforcement agent in 1985. Renee Montagne talks to Tracy Wilkinson, of the Los Angeles Times, who recaps the case, the milestone it represented in U.S.-Mexican relations and why a Mexican court freed Quintero early.

Egypt's Government Warns Protest Camps Could Be Seized

In Cairo, a large gathering of supporters of ousted President Morsi are anticipating clashes with security forces. Egypt's Ministry of Interior says the camps could come under siege at any time. Protesters have their own barricades in place in preparation.