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Egypt's Interim Leader May Tap Emergency Law Used By Mubarak

Adly Mansour has issued a decree that also sets a timetable for new elections. Some analysts believe his decisions will only embolden Islamists. Others say the short timetable to elections should encourage Egyptians and others that the country is moving to restore civilian rule.

Snowden's Leaks Puts National Security Agency In A Bind

It's been four weeks since Edward Snowden leaked secrets about government surveillance. On Monday, The Guardian newspaper released more of an interview with Snowden. His actions have stirred up a lots of issues for the National Security Agency.

Monday's Bloodshed Hardens Political Divisions

Egypt's interim president, who was installed by a military coup last week, issued a plan calling for parliamentary elections next year and giving himself sweeping powers in the meantime. His move came hours after the deadliest clash yet between security forces and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

Treating The 'Body And Soul' In A Russian TB Prison

Russia has struggled for decades to control deadly forms of tuberculosis among inmates. A clinic inside a Siberian prison is finally having some success against the disease by teaching inmates to care for themselves — and their families.

What Egyptian State TV Says About The State Of Egypt

Egypt's state-run television station has worked under four different leaders in less than three years. For the past year, it has been pro-Islamist and pro-President Mohammed Morsi — before his ouster. Then it abruptly began reporting the military's view once again.

France Battles Scourge Of Ready-To-Eat Meals In Restaurants

French dining is world famous, but it has a dirty little secret: Many restaurants rely on microwavable, premade meals. A bill that's already cleared one big hurdle in the French National Assembly would force restaurants to label when their food is made in-house from scratch – and penalize those who lie about it.

Pakistan: 'Collective Failure' Allowed Bin Laden To Hide

But the Pakistani government report also criticized the country's military and spy authorities for not being able to prevent the U.S. raid that killed al-Qaida's leader in May 2011. The confidential report was published Monday by Al Jazeera.

Britain's Own Andy Murray Wins Men's Title At Wimbledon

British tennis player Andy Murray won Wimbledon in straight sets on Sunday. It's the first time in 77 years that the U.K. has had one of its own players win the grass court grand slam. David Greene talks to journalist Simon Cambers, who covered Wimbledon for The Guardian newspaper.

Snowden: Americans Are Good; But Their Leaders Lie

The Guardian has released another video from its interview with the so-called NSA leaker. In it, he explains some of his motivation for spilling secrets.

Reversing Direction, Some Syrian Refugees Now Heading Home

Syrian refugees have been pouring into Jordan for the past two years. But over the past month, more Syrian refugees went back than came to Jordan. The rough conditions in the Jordanian camps and recent rebel advances are cited among those heading home.