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Spanish Families Share Expenses And Tradition

Multi-generational families living in the same household in Spain is nothing new. But as a quarter of Spanish workers are out of work, and half of its young adults are struggling to find a job, relatives can rely on one earner, with government assistance, to get by the country's economic woes.

Euro Currency Still Faring Well, For Now

Despite the persistence of the European financial crisis, the euro has held up relatively well since the crisis began. While the currency has lost some value against the dollar, its performance has defied ongoing speculation that the currency union is doomed. But can it last?

'Hard Questions' Remain In U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Pakistan reopened border crossings last week for U.S. and NATO convoys heading into Afghanistan, resolving a seven-month-long dispute. But other challenges remain, including disagreement over U.S. drone strikes inside Pakistan and the pro-al-Qaida Haqqani network.

Venezuela Begins Debate On Future Without Chavez

The Venezuelan president is battling an aggressive form of cancer that forced him to spend much of the past year getting treatment in Cuba. His illness also has ignited debate on who might succeed him.

Episode 385: How Good Governments Go Bad

As citizens lose trust in their lawmakers, they jockey for special treatment — and often get it. That just compounds the problem, argues University of Chicago economist Luigi Zingales.

Muslim Brotherhood, Military At Odds In Egypt

Robert Siegel talks to Michele Dunne about the power struggle in Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military. Dunne is the director of the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East.