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Contents Of Ireland's 'Big House' Auctioned

The mansion belonged to aristocrat Ambrose Congreve, who died last year at the age of 104. He spent a lifetime amassing a fabulous collection of art and antiques. Thanks to the eurozone crisis, the Irish are in trouble. So a lot of them flocked to the auction to see if there were any antiques worth investing in.

U.S. Feels Less Guilt About Environmental Choices

A survey of global attitudes about the environment finds that Americans are unusually optimistic about an individual's ability to make a difference in dealing with environmental issues. Despite that, Americans are less likely than many people elsewhere in the world to change their behaviors. Those are some of the findings in the latest survey by the National Geographic project called the "Greendex."

GOP Courts Republicans Living In Israel

Republicans are canvassing for votes in Israel. There are 150-thousand eligible voters living in the Jewish state. And unlike their U.S. based cousins, American Jews living in Israel are overwhelmingly Republican — making this fertile ground.

Al-Qaida Arm In Yemen Flexes Its Muscles In Nigeria

Two Nigerian men have been charged with accepting thousands of dollars from al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula to recruit potential terrorists in Nigeria. U.S. officials are watching closely because it suggests that al-Qaida's most aggressive affiliate is seeking to boost its presence in Africa.

For Syrian-American Doctors, A Painful Homecoming

Joining efforts to help victims of the war in Syria, Syrian-American doctors are bringing desperately needed supplies and knowledge to facilities in Turkey overwhelmed by the wounded. Some are treating Syrians there, while others are crossing the border to use their skills on the battlefield.

Unexpected Floods Displace Hundreds In Russia

Robert Siegel talks to Miriam Elder of The Guardian about floods in Russia that local officials say have killed more than 170 people.

Hillary Clinton Confronts Vietnam War Legacy In Laos

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Laos Wednesday as part of her current tour of southeast Asian nations. Laos is not a country that receives much attention from Washington these days, but it is still recovering from the days when it was massively bombed by the U.S. air force during the Vietnam War.