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Snowden: Americans Are Good; But Their Leaders Lie

The Guardian has released another video from its interview with the so-called NSA leaker. In it, he explains some of his motivation for spilling secrets.

Reversing Direction, Some Syrian Refugees Now Heading Home

Syrian refugees have been pouring into Jordan for the past two years. But over the past month, more Syrian refugees went back than came to Jordan. The rough conditions in the Jordanian camps and recent rebel advances are cited among those heading home.

Britons Bask In A Summer Of Good News

Britain has its first men's Wimbledon champion in 77 years, and a royal baby is on the way. There's been a surge of good news this summer in the United Kingdom.

Retailers Sign Pact On Bangladesh Factory Inspections

The agreement, which comes two months after a factory collapse that killed more than 1,000 workers, brings together several European retailers and labor unions. U.S. companies like Walmart and Gap are not part of the deal.

Trapped In Trees By Tigers, Men Rescued After Five Days

The Indonesian men caught a tiger cub in a snare meant for deer. Other tigers heard the cub's cries. One man died after his branch broke, tossing him to the ground, and the tigers attacked. The other five managed to hold out — and hold on — until help arrived.

Dozens Killed In Cairo By Shots Fired At Pro-Morsi Gathering

Supporters of the ousted president had gathered outside the facility where it's believed he's being held. There are conflicting accounts of what happened. What's known for sure is many of Morsi's supporters were killed by gunshots. Hundreds more were wounded. It's feared there will be more clashes.

Death Toll Expected To Go Higher In Canadian Train Disaster

At least five people have been killed in Canada, after a train carrying crude oil derailed in eastern Quebec on Saturday. Police say dozens of people have been reported missing. For more on the story, David Greene talks to Stephen Puddicombe, of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Dozens Die In Clashes Outside Cairo's Republican Guard HQ

In Egypt, dozens of people were killed in a clash between protesters and security forces Monday morning. The Muslim Brotherhood says government forces fired on them. The military says the headquarters was stormed by protesters.

IMF Warns Of Global Slowdown

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde on Sunday singled out the U.S. Congress for failing to avert across-the-board spending cuts that slow down potential for growth. She called U.S. deficit reduction in 2013 excessively rapid and ill-designed.

EU-U.S. Trade: A Tale Of Two Farms

U.S. and EU officials begin talks Monday on a free-trade deal that could create thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in new trade. But there are deep-seated differences that may make it difficult to reach an accord. Among the most contentious: agriculture, and whether genetically modified crops grown in the U.S. will be welcome in Europe.