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Panama Seizes North Korean Ship Allegedly Carrying 'Weapons Of War'

The shipment appears to be a violation of United Nations weapons-trade sanctions against North Korea. The ship had left from Cuba and was crossing the Panama Canal.

Northern Nigeria University On Edge After Violence

Northern Nigeria is on edge after dozens of students and teachers have been killed in the past month. The attacks have been supported by Boko Haram — a fundamental Islamist group whose name roughly means 'Western Education is forbidden.' Host Michel Martin speaks to Margee Ensign, President of the American University of Nigeria about running an educational institution in the north.

Latin Drug Bosses And Their Growing American Ties

The alleged leader of the Zetas cartel, who was arrested in Mexico on Monday, was raised in Dallas and still has family there.

Snowden Asks For Temporary Asylum In Russia, Says Lawyer

The former NSA contractor has been stranded and stateless at a Moscow airport for more than 20 days. Russian President Vladimir Putin compared him to an unwanted Christmas present.

Syrian Refugees Caught Up In Egypt's Political Crisis

The ouster of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi has changed things for other Arabs living in the country. When a group falls from grace, so do those who are perceived to be its supporters. Under Muslim Brotherhood rule, Egypt was one of the few remaining safe havens for Syrians fleeing the war in their country. The political change in Egypt is putting Syrians in danger.

Vicious Cartel Leader Arrested In Mexico

The leader of the notorious Zeta drug organization was apprehended Monday in an operation involving the Mexican military. The capture of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, 40, took place on a country road less than 20 miles south of the Texas border.

South Africa Weighs Starting HIV Drug Treatment Sooner

The recommended change would mean that patients would begin treatment before they get extremely sick. In Africa, where millions of people are infected with HIV, a move to earlier treatment would be challenging for the public health system.

The Secret To Georgian Grilled Meats? Grapevines And Lots Of Wine

The Republic of Georgia is renowned for its cuisine, one of the highlights of which is shashlik, or grilled meat. The secret to seal in the juices, some say, is an ancient technique of grilling over burning grapevines to create intense, fragrant heat.

In Argentina, Coca-Cola Tests Market For 'Green' Coke

Argentina is the site of the global kickoff of what Coke is describing as a "natural" and "green" lower-calorie cola. Coca-Cola Life contains stevia instead of sugar, and comes in a bottle that's made partially from plants.

A Nonstop Tribute To Nelson Mandela

Well-wishers have been offering prayers and tributes to the South African icon at the hospital where he has been treated for more than a month. Mandela turns 95 on Thursday.