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For Syrian-American Doctors, A Painful Homecoming

Joining efforts to help victims of the war in Syria, Syrian-American doctors are bringing desperately needed supplies and knowledge to facilities in Turkey overwhelmed by the wounded. Some are treating Syrians there, while others are crossing the border to use their skills on the battlefield.

Unexpected Floods Displace Hundreds In Russia

Robert Siegel talks to Miriam Elder of The Guardian about floods in Russia that local officials say have killed more than 170 people.

Hillary Clinton Confronts Vietnam War Legacy In Laos

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Laos Wednesday as part of her current tour of southeast Asian nations. Laos is not a country that receives much attention from Washington these days, but it is still recovering from the days when it was massively bombed by the U.S. air force during the Vietnam War.

An Amazing Life: Robert de La Rochefoucauld, World War II Saboteur

The French count was a legend for his behind-the-lines work as a secret agent for the British. Twice he was captured and condemned to death by the Nazis. Twice he escaped to conduct more espionage. He recently died.

Despite Grim Headlines, Africa Is Booming

Headlines about war and famine dominate much of the news out of Africa, but six out of the ten fastest growing economies in the world are there. That growth is affecting the continent's culture, which has become increasingly globalized with Internet cafes, international business and technology.

In France, The (Abandoned) Dog Days Of Summer

Every summer, French vacationers abandon an estimated 100,000 pets as people head off on long vacations. They say it's too expensive to find someone to care for the animals, and they can't bring them along. A campaign against the practice is under way.