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In Russia's Vast Far East, Timber Thieves Thrive

The demand for Russia's high-value timber is fueling organized crime, government corruption and illegal logging. The hardwood often ends up as flooring and furniture in the United States, Europe, Japan and China.
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"Love In Afghanistan" At Arena Stage

In this new play by Charles Randolph Wright, an American hip-hop star and an Afghan interpreter navigate romance in chaotic, war-torn Afghanistan.


Chocolate Fashions Make For A Truly Sweet Little Black Dress

Chocoholics, take note: Fashion designers are crafting dresses — and purses, hats, even bikinis — to drool for. But don't expect to find these edible outfits on a ready-to-wear rack: They're really just high-concept eye candy for now, part of the world's largest chocolate fair open to the public.

As Smoke Blankets Sydney, Australians Brace For Worse Days

Two months ahead of the usual fire season, there are dozens of fires in the wilds surrounding Sydney. Some have been due to lightning strikes and other acts of nature. Others are the work of arsonists.

U.S. Drone Strikes Violate International Law, Reports Allege

On the eve of a White House visit by Pakistan's prime minister, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have released reports critical of U.S. policy.

Roma Couple Charged With Abducting Girl; Missing-Child Tips Pour In

Greek officials have received thousands of calls about a young blond girl found living in a Roma settlement. Some callers offer information; others say the girl may be their child.

European Parliament Joins List Of Those Upset With The NSA

France, Mexico and Brazil are also among the U.S. allies that have expressed their displeasure following reports of NSA spying activities in their countries.

Headlines From Around The World

The headlines are from a cross section of news organizations around the world. Tuesday's stories range from who can use the word Allah to describe God to the massive bushfires in Australia.

Australian Wildfires Threaten Sydney

Sydney, Australia, is suffering under a blanket of smoke and officials are sounding air quality alerts because of vast wildfires in the area. And it's still early in the fire season. Steve Inskeep talks to Stuart Cohen for the latest.

Election In Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Town Tests Gender Norms

"It's a new thing. I hope it will be accepted, but I'm not so sure," one resident says about women running for town council. "Here women who express themselves aren't seen as a good thing."