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Protests Allow Brazilians To Feel Part Of Global Movement

Brazil's government has been caught by surprise by the size and scale of recent protests. But analysts say they shouldn't have been. In a connected world, what happens in one part of it — say Turkey — can inspire social movements as far away as Brazil.

Snowden Case Puts U.S. In Difficult Position

The travels of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have the U.S. in a legal and diplomatic bind. The Obama administration wants to prosecute Snowden for leaking classified information about the widespread U.S. surveillance of phone and Internet records.

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Is A Man On The Move

NSA surveillance leaker Edward Snowden left Hong Kong over the weekend and is seeking asylum in Ecuador. He spent the night in Moscow where Ecuadorean authorities met him at the airport. For more on Russia's role in this journey, and the role of WikiLeaks, David Greene talks to Kathy Lally, Moscow bureau chief of The Washington Post.
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Diplomatic And Legal Twists In NSA Leaker Case

Edward Snowden left Hong Kong for Moscow a day after the U.S. made a formal request for his extradition. WikiLeaks says its helping him seek asylum in Ecuador. Diane and her guests discuss the diplomatic and legal twists in the NSA leaker's case.


Hospitalized Nelson Mandela In Critical Condition

The anti-apartheid leader who became South Africa's first black president has been in a Pretoria hospital since June 8 with a recurring lung infection.

Malaysia Declares Emergency From Cross-Border Blanket Of Smoke

The haze, caused by clear-cutting fires in neighboring Indonesia, has enveloped much of the country's south as well as the city-state of Singapore.

Pakistan Gunmen Kill Foreign Climbers In Brazen Attack

The Pakistani Taliban claimed credit for the attack that killed nine mountaineers and a local guard at the Nanga Parbat base camp in northern Pakistan.

Africa Trip Is Obama's Pitch To Broaden Relationships

Obama is traveling to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania this week. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks to NPR's Gregory Warner about why the president chose those three countries.

Ecuador Says NSA Leaker Has Asked For Asylum

Edward Snowden left Hong Kong earlier Sunday en route to a "third country" via Moscow. The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said it was giving him legal counsel and had helped him leave the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

Concrete Floors! No Working Toilet! Just $200K In Shanghai

In China, if you want to get hitched, you pretty much need to have a house. No house? Good luck to you, comrade. After decades of explosive growth, the cost of living in China's big cities has skyrocketed, and a generation of young people has been largely priced out of the housing market.