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Democracy Protests Subside, Hong Kong Begins To Return To Normal

Student-led protests for democratic change over the past week have waned. Schools reopened and government workers were back on the job. Some students plan to stay at the site for as long as they can.

Legal Questions Raised About U.S. Military Operation In Syria

Congress approved arming moderate rebels in Syria to battle Islamic State militants. Experts say that might violate international law banning the use of force against duly constituted governments.

From Exile In Switzerland, Ex-Tycoon Relaunches Open Russia

Russian President Putin's popularity has risen at home over his actions in Ukraine. But some Russians want a different future, and ex-oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky is telling them they're not alone.

Duvalier's Death Causes Mixed Reactions In Miami's Little Haiti

Haiti's self-proclaimed "president for life" Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier' died on Saturday. Many who fled his regime in the 1980s landed in South Florida. He was 63.

Neves Will Face Incumbent Rousseff In Brazil's Runoff Election

In Sunday's presidential election, incumbent Dilma Rousseff and right-of-center candidate Aecio Neves came out on top. Marina Silva, the environmentalist Socialist candidate, trailed far behind.

In Fighting Taliban, Is There A Conflict Of Interest for The U.S.?

Christine Fair, author of the book Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army's Way of War, talks about why she believes the U.S. and Pakistan face a conflict of interest in fighting the Taliban.
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Voices From El Salvador: A Civil War's Unhealed Wounds

Much of the violence driving today's youth of El Salvador to migrate to American cities like Washington D.C. is a legacy of the U.S.-sponsored civil war decades ago that tore the Central American country apart.


Hope For Ebola Treatment Found In Survivors

Health officials are looking to those who have recovered from Ebola to treat new cases. The World Health Organization hopes to find antibodies in the blood of people who have fought off the virus.

Vatican Synod Tests The Pope's Vision Of A More Merciful Church

Bishops are meeting with Pope Francis these next two weeks for an extraordinary conference to debate family matters – including hot-button issues like artificial contraception and gay civil unions.

Mass Graves Found In Mexico, Near Place Where 43 Students Went Missing

The students were last seen being forced into police vans. The mass graves gave rise to fears that the missing students may be dead.