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EU To End Arms Embargo On Syrian Opposition

But Britain has "no immediate plans to send arms to Syria," says Foreign Secretary William Hague. The EU will continue its sanctions against Bashar Assad's government, which had been set to expire on June 1, Hague said.

Turkish Parliament Tamps Down On Alcohol Sales

Robert Siegel talks with Hugh Pope, the Turkey/Cyprus project director for the International Crisis Group, about the Turkish parliament's passage of a law that restricts the sale of alcohol.

Syrian Conflict Continues Spread Into Neighboring Lebanon

The Syrian conflict is quickly spilling into Lebanon. Lebanese fighters with the Shiite militant group Hezbollah are now fighting in the Syrian town of Quseir, and rockets have been fired on Hezbollah areas inside Lebanon.

Taliban's Fighting Season A Major Test Of Afghan Forces

The Taliban are steadily increasing their attacks since launching their annual spring offensive a month ago, and this fighting season is particularly critical. It's a test of the Afghan forces, who in another month, are supposed to be leading 100 percent of security operations in Afghanistan. So far, there's guarded optimism they can keep the militants in check.

McCain Meets With Rebels In Syria

Arizona Sen. John McCain spent his Memorial Day in Syria. McCain's spokesman says the Republican senator crossed into northern Syria from Turkey to meet with rebels in the country, ripped apart by the 2-year conflict turned civil war.

At 500, Machiavelli's 'Prince' Still Inspires Love And Fear

Niccolo Machiavelli is synonymous with political deceit, cynicism and ruthlessness. He called his most famous work, The Prince, a handbook for statesmen. An exhibit in Rome celebrates the 500th anniversary of what's still one of the most influential political essays in Western literature.

Palestinian Used Imprisoned Husband's Sperm To Get Pregnant

The woman is seven months pregnant. Her husband is serving 25 years in an Israeli prison for attempted murder. They wanted another baby – and smuggled his sperm out. Doctors say 10 more women are pregnant the same way. Israel says that's illegal; Palestinians call it another form of resistance.

Violence From Syria Spills Into Lebanon's Capital Beirut

On Sunday, two rockets struck a Beirut neighborhood controlled by the militant group Hezbollah. The strikes followed a speech on Saturday by Hezbollah's leader in which he basically admitted his men are fighting in Syria, and in support of that country's president President Bashar Assad.