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Olympics Set To Transform Rio — But For Better Or Worse?

Rio de Janeiro is racing to ready itself for the 2016 Summer Olympics. But it's facing difficulties: ballooning budgets, pollution, questions about the development plans and rising crime. Some wonder whether ordinary Brazilians will benefit.
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Your Turn: Changes At The Corcoran, Historic Decisions In Virginia

From your take on the Corcoran Gallery's surprising changes to your reaction to the slushy winter Olympics, it's your turn to set the agenda.


'I'm The Hijacker!' Says Ethiopian Pilot Of Commandeered Jet

During a flight headed to Rome from Addis Ababa on Monday, one of the pilots reportedly locked himself in the cockpit and took the passenger jet to Geneva, Switzerland, instead. Once there, he gave himself up to authorities and asked for asylum.

Help Arrives, But South African Miners Refuse To Be Rescued

An unknown number of men remain below ground. They're resisting rescue because they don't want to be arrested, as 22 of their colleagues were after being rescued. The men have reportedly been mining for gold illegally.

U.N. Report Details North Korea's 'Crimes Against Humanity'

In blunt language that supports what the outside world has feared for decades, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights says that "the gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world."

Anticipation Grows That U.S. Ice Dancing Duo Will Win Gold

Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White are favored to win gold in ice dancing. The pair took silver in the last Olympic Games in Vancouver, and expectations are high that they'll do even better in Sochi.

Marine Commandant Launches Offensive Against Bad Behavior

After 12 plus years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the commandant of the Marine Corps is taking stock of where the Marine Corps is headed as an institution. Gen. James Amos is examining issues from discipline and sexual assault, to how to keep Marines who signed up to fight engaged. During a recent visit to Los Angeles, Gen. Amos sat down with Renee Montagne to talk about his efforts.

Abbas Tells Students 'Peace Has To Happen'

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech and took questions from 200 Israeli students bussed to Ramallah for the occasion. Arranged by a pro-peace Knesset member, it's a rare chance for public give-and-take — both on the potential for peace and the success or failures of the Palestinian Authority's leadership through Israeli eyes.

Troops Escort Muslims Out Of Central African Republic

Christians who had been attacked by Muslim rebels are now carrying out a campaign of revenge that the United Nations says is "ethno-religious cleansing." Tens of thousands of Muslims are fleeing.

South African Miners Blocked From Leaving Illegal Mine

Rescue efforts have been underway at an illegal gold mine near Johannesburg, where a group of miners were trapped by boulders they say were placed there by a gang of rivals. Some of the men refused rescue because those let out were being arrested by local police for their unauthorized excavations. Renee Montagne talks to David Smith, a reporter for Britain's Guardian newspaper in Johannesburg.