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Just Washed Your Car? Try Speeding To Dry It

Police in Canada say a man was driving 112 MPH on a highway south of Black Diamond, Alberta. In court, the man explained that he had just washed his car, and was simply speeding in order to dry it off.

Obama To Renew Call To Reduce Nuclear Weapons

President Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wednesday before giving a speech at Berlin's historic Brandenburg Gate. Fifty years ago next week, President Kennedy declared his support for the citizens of West Germany in his "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech.

U.S. To Test The Waters With Iran's New President Rohani

Iran's newly elected president is signaling he might take a more pragmatic, moderate approach to nuclear negotiations with major world powers. But there's a lot of debate in Washington policy circles about what Hassan Rohani's election might mean for the U.S.

Boehner Seeks To Reassure House GOP On Immigration

House Speaker John Boehner strongly suggested he would abide by the Hastert rule on immigration legislation, meaning no floor vote unless a majority of House Republicans backed the bill.

The 'Standing Man' Of Turkey: Act Of Quiet Protest Goes Viral

After police broke up the protests in Turkey's Taksim Square over the weekend, a new protest has sprung up — but this one is still and silent. A lone man stood motionless in the square for six hours overnight, and soon many others decided to join the "standing man."

Obama's Unplanned NSA Discussion

President Obama didn't expect he'd need to have a "national conversation" about government data-gathering.

British Leader: Trendsetter, Or A Bit Too Casual?

The Group of Eight summits can sometimes be a little short on real news. Perhaps that's why the British media was writing about Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to scrap his jacket and tie.

U.S., Europe May Share Intelligence, But Not Privacy Rules

Revelations about U.S. surveillance programs have not only touched off a debate in America; they've also raised privacy questions in Europe, since big Internet companies operate in both places.

When A Language Dies, What Happens To Culture?

Nearly half of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world are expected to vanish in the next 100 years. One of them is Athabaskan, a language of the Siletz tribe in the Pacific Northwest. Bud Lane, vice chairman of Siletz tribal council, explains the importance of language diversity.

A Look Ahead To The Future Of Afghanistan

Twelve years after the war began, Afghanistan's president announced Tuesday that Afghan forces officially assumed control of security for the country. U.S. and NATO troops will remain until the 2014 deadline, but the Afghan military is now expected to fight without NATO support.