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With Nuclear Test, N. Korean Leader Follows In The Family Footsteps

A year ago, there was speculation that Kim Jong Un might be different from his father and grandfather. North Korea's nuclear muscle-flexing has all but silenced that discussion.

Going Global With A New Pope?

Bookmakers are taking bets on whether an African or Latin American Cardinal will succeed Pope Benedict XVI. Host Michel Martin speaks to University of Pennsylvania Religion Professor Anthea Butler, to discuss the possibility of the papacy leaving Europe for the first time since the Middle Ages.

Attacks On Health Workers Put Fight To End Polio Under Fire

The world is close to wiping out polio, as the number of new cases is at an all-time low. But recent violence against polio vaccinators threatens to reverse this progress. Recently, gunmen killed nine polio vaccinators in Nigeria, mirroring attacks in Pakistan in December.
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Drawing Down Troops From Afghanistan

We get an update on the announcement that American forces will withdraw 34,000 troops from Afghanistan by January 2014.


Haute Tokyo Restaurant Serves Up: Dirt

For $110, you can dine on four courses of favorites. One is the "soil surprise"-- a dirt-dusted potato ball with a truffle center. Or, try the soil sorbet.

Why Russia Is Saying 'Nyet' To U.S. Meat Imports

Some U.S. meat producers add an obscure chemical called ractopamine to the feed that they give to their pigs, cattle or turkeys. But Russian safety officials haven't approved it, and they've stopped U.S. meat imports – worth a half-billion-dollars a year – until those imports are ractopamine-free.

North Korean Nuke Test Seems Timed To Upstage Obama's State Of The Union

Analysts also say North Korea's claim that the device was smaller and lighter than ones it previously tested might be a sign it has moved closer to being able to fit a weapon on to a missile. Leaders around the world are condemning North Korea's actions.