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Mali Holds First Vote Following Unrest

Linda Wertheimer talks with Rukmini Callimachi, West Africa bureau chief for The Associated Press, about Sunday's elections in Mali, the first democratic vote there since French troops pushed Islamist militants out of the north of that country.

At Least 36 Killed In Italy Tour Bus Crash

After crashing through several cars a tour bus in Italy plunged off of a into a ravine and killed at least 36 people, according to police and rescuers.

'Batman' Style: How We Can See With Sound, Too

Echolocation: Birds do it, bats do it, and now even educated people do it. A team of researchers has devised an algorithm that could give the rest of us a way to discover our surroundings without using our eyes.

Israel, Palestinians To Restart Talks In Washington

Monday's meeting will mark the beginning of the first direct negotiations between the two sides since 2008.
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The Latest On Increasing Violence In Egypt

Egyptian authorities have unleashed the deadliest attack on Islamist protesters since that country's uprising in 2011. Diane and her guests discuss the latest on the bloody crackdown and what's next for Egypt.


Cannes Jewel Heist Nets Bling Worth $53 Million

The thief or thieves stole the jewels from an exhibition at the five-star Carlton Hotel in the French resort town.

Millions Gather On Rio Beach To Hear Pope Deliver Sunday Mass

The final event of Francis' five-day visit to heavily Catholic Brazil has helped him ride a crest of popularity that largely eluded his predecessor.

A Simple Visa Request Vs. Afghan Bureaucracy

When NPR's Sean Carberry needed to renew his Afghan visa he turned to producer Sultan Faizy. What followed was a more than two-week navigation of Afghanistan labyrinthine bureaucracy.

Egypt Clashes Among Country's Worst Bloodshed

Protests in Egypt turned violent Saturday after authorities cracked down on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

Tackling Sexual Harrassment On England's Transit

A survey of British commuters showed one of the biggest fears of female commuters was sexual harassment. So the British Transit Police partnered with the website Everyday Sexism to train officers and other transit employees on how to deal with sexual harassment. Transit inspector Ricky Twyford spoke with Guest host Susan Stamberg about the initiative, Project Guardian.