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Six Men Jailed For Life In Rape Of Swiss Tourist In India

The suspects confessed to raping the 39-year-old woman in March as she and her husband were camping in the country's central state of Madhya Pradesh.

Israel Pledges To Release Some Palestinian Detainees

The announcement comes hours after Secretary of State John Kerry said the two sides had agreed in principle to restart peace talks that collapsed five years ago.

Man Injured After Triggering Bomb In Beijing Airport

China's state media says the alleged bomber was the only person wounded in the the incident at the airport terminal.

The Spanish Aristocrat Who Works For North Korea

A Spaniard born to privilege, Alejandro Cao de Benos is now a staunch defender of North Korea, where he lives half the year and works to promote its ideology.

Israel Agrees To Release Palestinian Prisoners

The move appears to be the beginnings of revived peace talks. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Friday that there is enough agreement to begin initial talks as early as next week.

Intercepted Ship Highlights North Korea-Cuba Relations

The Cuban vessel, intercepted by Panama, was carrying missile parts and disassembled fighter planes to North Korea. Guest host Linda Wertheimer talks with Frank Mora, director of the Latin American and Caribbean Center at Florida International University, about the historic relationship between Cuba and North Korea.

Russia Conducts Record Military Exercises

The government says the largest exercises since Soviet days are to test Russian readiness. Some analysts think it is to remind China and Japan that Russia remains powerful.

Syrian Army Gains Ground As Refugee Crisis Worsens

In Syria, the army of President Bashar Assad appears to be gaining the upper hand on the battlefield, as rebels wait for military assistance from Western allies that has yet to arrive. Guest host Linda Wertheimer examines the simmering conflict with NPR's Kelly McEvers.

European Films In Russia's Heartland

For the past few years in July, a sleepy Russian provincial town has rolled out the red carpet to host the best in European film.

Five Convicted In Deadly Costa Concordia Shipwreck

An Italian court accepted a plea deal from the ship's helmsman, two bridge officers, the cabin service director and the director of the cruise company's crisis team.