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For Italy's Gay Rights Advocates, It's 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Italy lags behind other EU states in guaranteeing equal rights for homosexuals. Gay couples have no legal recognition or adoption rights, and a bill that would make homophobia a crime has stalled.

Islamic State Fighters Gain New Ground In Iraq's Anbar Province

Airstrikes by the U.S. and its allies continued in Iraq on Monday, aimed at pushing back fighters from the so-called Islamic State.

Battlefronts In Kobani Don't Break Cleanly Along Ethic Or Sectarian Lines

Turkey has declined to intervene in the fighting, in part because the defenders are largely Kurdish. There are also Sunni Muslims joining the Kurds to fight ISIS.

Economics Nobel Awarded For Work On Regulating Big Businesses

French economist Jean Tirole studies oligopolies — markets that are controlled by a handful of powerful, interdependent companies.

From Microsoft To Mercedes, Foreign Companies Under The Gun In China

Doing business in China is getting tougher for some foreign companies. In the past year, Chinese government regulators have raided their offices, claiming to investigate monopoly practices.

Unusual Candidate Could Be The First Immigrant Mayor Of Berlin

Palestinian-born Raed Saleh is one of three contenders running to fill the remainder of the term of the current mayor, a controversial figure who is resigning.

North Korea Says Thousands Of U.S. Soldiers' Remains Are At Risk

The remains of several thousand U.S. soldiers who died in the Korean War are "left here and there uncared and carried away en masse," a North Korean military spokesman said Monday.

Pistorius Should Serve 3 Years' House Arrest, Prison Official Says

At a sentencing hearing for Oscar Pistorius, a court-appointed prison social worker says the South African athlete's punishment for culpable homicide should include three years of house arrest.

U.S. Strikes At ISIS In Kobani As Kurds Claim Progress

As the U.S.-led coalition carried out strikes on areas east and south of Kobani in Syria, new reports emerged about Turkey's role in supporting the fight against ISIS.
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Brooklyn Native Brings Environmental Sensibility To Salvadoran Beach

Much of our coverage from El Salvador has focused on the gang violence underlying undocumented immigration, but Americans are moving to Central America too — like hotel owner and baby turtle saver Tom Pollak.