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In Australian Vote, Prime Minister Concedes To Abbott

The Liberal-National coalition secured enough support to name Tony Abbott Australia's new prime minister, in an election that ends six years of Labor rule.

The Limits To A Limited Military Strike In Syria

The Obama administration seems to believe that U.S. military action in Syria will restore Washington's credibility. Reuters columnist David Rohde argues that is impossible, first because the U.S. lacks a strategy in the Middle East, and second, because Obama is deeply ambivalent about any engagement. Rohde speaks with host Scott Simon about the predicament.

Russia To U.S.: Follow U.N. Rules On Syria

As Congress debates whether to give President Obama the authority to attack Syria, Russia's ambassador told a U.S. think tank Friday that the United States should uphold international norms of war and peace.

Industrial Soot May Have Melted Europe's Glaciers

About 160 years ago, Europe's glaciers began melting, centuries before the temperatures started rising. Now NASA scientists offer a possible explanation for this apparent paradox: Soot from the Industrial Revolution could have heated up the ice. (This piece initially aired Sept. 3 on Morning Edition.)

In Macho Mexico's Lucha Libre, The 'Lady' Is Often The Champ

Pro wrestling in Mexico is usually associated with buff, tough show-boating guys. But it's also an unlikely niche for the country's LGBT, thanks to Los Exóticos — campy, mostly gay male wrestlers who are known as much for their wrestling skills as they are for their feminine garb and flirty behavior.

When Weighing Intervention In Syria, Consider The Children

This week, NPR's Scott Simon ran into a young man he knew years ago while covering the war in Kosovo. His friend was just a child during that conflict, and their chance reunion prompted Simon to wonder anew about children trapped in conflict zones and the unknowable consequences of military intervention in Syria.

On A Razor's Edge In Damascus

The atmosphere in Damascus is increasingly tense and fearful as the Syrian government seems to have kicked into high gear to protect itself. Many residents say their city feels as if it's come under foreign occupation since the U.S. indicated it might carry out a military strike against Syria.

Top Afghan Militant Reportedly Killed In U.S. Drone Strike

Pakistani intelligence officials say Sangeen Zadran, a commander of the al-Qaida-linked Haqqani network, was killed in North Waziristan.

Olympic Committee To Select Host City For 2020 Games

The International Olympic Committee is meeting in Buenos Aires this weekend. They'll select a host city for 2020, determine which sports will be included in those games and will choose a new president.
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Amana Fontanella-Khan: "Pink Sari Revolution"

We learn about a grass roots movement for women’s rights in the poverty-stricken region of Bundelkhand, India, and the story of its leader, Sampat Pal.