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Snowden Seeks Asylum In 20-Plus Nations, Gives Up On Russia

Several countries have already turned down requests from NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who remains in legal limbo at a Moscow airport. He wants to avoid being sent to the U.S. to face prosecution. There's speculation in Russia that he might leave with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who is visiting.

Portugal's Budget Austerity May Do More Harm Than Good

The architect of Portugal's bailout has resigned. Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar quit Monday, citing falling public support for austerity. Gaspar has been praised in Brussels for slashing Portuguese spending, but he's reviled at home for the very same reason.

Economic Squeeze Plays Out On Egyptian Streets

David Greene talks to Farah Halime, a Cairo-based financial journalist who writes about Egypt's economy. Whether President Morsi caves to protesters' demands to step down, whoever ends up running the country will have to deal with a terribly deteriorating economy. Halime's blog is called the

Egypt's Army Gives Morsi Deadline To Allay Opposition

In Egypt, the military has given the president an ultimatum — respond to the millions of protesters demanding his ouster or the army will impose a "road map" to resolve the crisis. The ultimatum suggests a potential coup against the president and his government — though the military denies it.

Obama Announces Trade Africa Initiative

President Obama is preparing to conclude his trip to Africa. The last leg of his trip is Tanzania, where he continues to press U.S. companies to invest in Africa. A new initiative is going to try to get rid of the road blocks that slow down trade in Africa.

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Expands Asylum Request

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden reportedly is seeking asylum in at least 20 countries. Snowden is being pursued by U.S. authorities after leaking details of the National Security Agency's surveillance programs.

Trade Talks Threatened By Allegations U.S. Spied On E.U.

Europe is in an uproar over revelations that U.S. intelligence services are spying on the European Union mission in New York and its embassy in Washington. The new allegations come from the latest secret U.S. National Security Agency documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

Myths And Stigma Stoke TB Epidemic In Tajikistan

A family copes with tuberculosis in a place where a child infected with the illness may be shunned. Nurses are working hard to bring clean air and clear information to every home and every generation.

In A Rough Neighborhood, Jordan Clings To Its Stability

Amid the turbulent Middle East, Jordan remains stable — for now. But internal and external pressures are mounting. From within, a faltering economy and a popular demand for a say in how the country is governed. And from without, a flood of refugees from Syria that are straining resources.

Top Vatican Bank Officials Resign

The resignations came just days after a senior cleric with ties to the institution was arrested after being caught with about $26 million in cash he was trying to bring into Italy from Switzerland. Pope Francis recently set up a special commission of inquiry to resolve the bank's problems.