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Iranian Women Make A Push For Greater Opportunities

A new bloom of activist movements have been spurred by the election of President Hassan Rouhani. And women — many of them educated but without job prospects — are at the forefront.
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From Ukraine To Venezuela, Is There A Global Democracy Crisis?

From Ukraine to Egypt to Venezuela, some see a recurring and distressing global pattern of popular protest movements failing to live up to their espoused democratic ideals. We consider whether democracy as a political idea is losing its luster around the world.


A View Inside The Mind Of Vladimir Putin

David Remnick, the editor of the New Yorker, served as a correspondent in Moscow for many years. He joins Melissa Block to help explain Russian President Vladimir Putin's worldview.

World Cup Woes Loom For One Brazilian City

World Cup soccer comes to the Brazilian city of Cuiaba in June. Authorities had planned to be done with a host of infrastructure projects by now, but it's clear that few of them will be ready in time.

Deep Ties Between Russia And The West Make Sanctions Risky

With Russian troops in Ukraine, the West is considering sanctions to get Russia's attention. While the U.S. and Europe have some economic leverage, it's unclear there's enough to make a difference.

Why Is The Ukrainian Economy Such A Mess?

Often lost in news of the Ukrainian crisis is the country's ailing economy. It may need $35 billion in aid over the next two years. Anders Asland of the Peterson Institute explains the mess.

Putin Speaks, Decries U.S. For 'Experimenting On Rats' In Ukraine

In Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin defended his position on Ukraine. In a news conference, Putin denied that Russian troops are in Crimea but reserved the right to use force in Ukraine.

With Little Money And Lots Of Verve, Kiev Reporter Fights Corruption

In 20 years of independence, corruption in Ukraine has grown to a vast scale. In Kiev, a former journalist now heads a new anti-corruption unit — with no office, few resources and lots of conviction.

Kerry's In Kiev And He Comes Bearing Gifts — One Billion Of Them

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Kiev Tuesday, offering $1 billion in American loan guarantees and promises of technical assistance to the new Ukrainian government.

Russian TV Host Who Slammed Moscow Says She Won't Go To Crimea

After RT America host Abby Martin blasted Russia's intervention in Ukraine, the English-language network said she'd be sent to Crimea to "make up her own mind." But Martin says she's not going.