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After Revolution, Cinnabon Sweetens Libyan Capital

In Libya, now that the revolution is over, you can have a Cinnabon. That cinnamon smell that flavors the air in food courts and airports around this country is now wafting through downtown Tripoli, Libya's capital.

New Zealand's Olympic Athletes Go For The...Marmite

New Zealand's Olympians have some extra motivation to win a medal: they are also competing for marmite. The country's only marmite maker was shut down in an earthquake, but one grocery chain found a stash and is awarding the jars to medal-winning athletes.

Romney Adviser Defends Candidate's Statements About Palestinian Culture

A top foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney on Wednesday defended statements the Republican presidential candidate made in Israel about Palestinian culture.

Bites From Rabid Vampire Bats May Not Be A Death Sentence

Challenging the view that rabies is always fatal, scientists have discoverd a group of Peruvians who show signs of surviving rabies from vampire bats, despite never being vaccinated for the virus. The findings suggest that some people may become resistant to rabies after they're exposed to it over time.

Disputed Letter Could Set Back Israel-Egypt Relations

A letter to Israel from Egypt's newly-elected President is fake, according to Egyptian officials. The dispute over the authenticity of the letter underscores the difficult relationship between Egypt's new Islamist leadership and neighboring Israel.

Russia Charges Leading Dissident With Embezzlement

Anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny is accused of stealing from a state-owned company in a case that critics say is part of a growing crackdown on dissent. The charges may serve only to heighten the popularity of the 36-year-old lawyer and blogger.

India's Blackout: In The Dark About Being In The Dark

Reporter Elliot Hannon was on the streets of New Delhi when the power went out this week. In a country where disruptions are a way of life, Indians rolled their eyes, but didn't rant and rave when the power went out.