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Kerry Sees 'Real Progress' After Latest Mideast Trip

"With a little more work, the start of final status negotiations could be within reach," the secretary of state said Sunday after four days of shuttle diplomacy. He met with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Prime Minister's 'Loose Cannon' Style Divides Greece

A year into his tenure as prime minister at a time of economic crisis, Harvard-educated economist Antonis Samaras is viewed with suspicion by many Greeks. "He always leaped into the unknown and usually fell in the crevice," one political analyst says.

'Furious' EU Demands Answers After New Report Of NSA Spying

Germany's Der Spiegel says it has seen more documents obtained by "NSA leaker" Edward Snowden. They allegedly show the U.S. has been eavesdropping on European Union offices. The White House has declined to comment.

'Deeply Humbled' Obama Visits Mandela's Former Jail Cell

"The world is grateful for the heroes of Robben Island, who remind us that no shackles or cells can match the strength of the human spirit," the president wrote Sunday. He also unveiled a $7 billion "Power Africa" initiative, to bring electricity to the continent.

Massive Crowds Call For Egyptian President's Ouster

The largest demonstrations so far against the Egyptian president's year-old government are being held. He says he won't give in to demands that he step down or call new elections. Some protesters, though, think Morsi will suffer the same fate as toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

A Hindu Goddess Arrives To Bless Embassy Row

A new statue outside the embassy of Indonesia in Washington, D.C., is strikingly different from the stately gentlemen depicted in most of the embassy statuary up and down Massachusetts Avenue.

Pretend Leaders Excite Palestinians' Democratic Spirit

Palestinians picked a new president this week — on a reality show, that is. Meanwhile, the real political leadership in the West Bank is in disarray, even as Secretary of State John Kerry works to restart peace negotiations.

Kabul Postcard: Newly Paved Sidewalks, A Lion On The Roof

The Afghan capital is changing so rapidly that NPR's Kabul correspondent Sean Carberry noticed a host of changes after being away for just a month.

3 Things To Know About Edward Snowden's Passenger Purgatory

From who holds the record for longest time in legal limbo to the odd circumstances surrounding a traveler's status in a transit zone, here are a few things we find interesting.
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College Student From Maryland Andrew Pochter Killed In Egypt

An Ohio college student from Chevy Chase, Md. was killed in Egypt during a clash between government supporters and opponents.