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Prince William Musters Out: He's Leaving The Military

The Duke of Cambridge, a new father and second in line to the throne, is leaving after seven years in the RAF. "Flight Lt. Wales" has been a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. He'll now focus on his royal duties and charity work.

Pro-Israel Lobby Finds Longtime Supporters Defect On Syria

AIPAC has blanketed Capitol Hill with lobbyists trying to convince Congress to authorize a military strike against Syria. But despite its close ties with many lawmakers, the lobby has had little success.
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Broken Trust: Resettling Iraqis Left Behind After War

We explore the plight of U.S.-affiliated workers in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan with Kirk Johnson, founder of the List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies, and author of the new book, "To Be a Friend is Fatal."

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Gala Hispanic Brings Spanish-Language Theater To D.C. For Nearly 40 Years

GALA Hispanic Theatre has been entertaining D.C. audiences with Spanish-language productions for 38 years.

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Eating In The Embassy: Pati Jinich Debunks Stereotypes About Mexican Food

We'll cook up some traditional Mexican dishes as we continue "Eating in the Embassy," our ongoing series with the blog Eater DC.

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Transgender Activist Works To Assist LGBT Latinos

As a transgender Latina, Ruby Corado works to help LGBT Latinos navigate a world from which they often feel excluded.


Saudi's First Female Film Director Says Women Aren't Victims

Film director Haifaa Al Mansour comes from a small town in Saudi Arabia where, she says, there are many girls who have big dreams, strong characters and infinite potential. She's made a movie about one of them, titled Wadjda. Host Michel Martin speaks to Al Mansour about the film and being a female movie director in Saudi Arabia.

Libya Faces Looming Crisis As Oil Output Slows To Trickle

Libya's oil sector survived the country's 2011 civil war and was seen as a success story. But production has fallen sharply and exports have all but stopped in a country hugely dependent on oil.
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Local Latinos Increasingly Being Targeted By 'Notario Fraud'

Experts say Latinos in our region are particularly vulnerable to a scam in which individuals falsely present themselves as capable immigration lawyers.


Hair Thievery Is Serious Business In Venezuela

For the past month, Venezuelan women have been living in fear of being mugged for their hair. Thieves are reportedly selling the stolen hair as extensions. Michel Martin speaks to freelance journalist Andrew Rosati about why the story has captured the nation's attention, and what it says about Venezuela's beauty culture.