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Top Foreign Real Estate Buyers In Miami Are Brazilians

Brazilians are helping shape a new condo boom that caters to foreign buyers. More than 20 residential condo projects are underway in South Florida — all with Brazilians and other foreign buyers in mind.

Eurozone Shows Signs Of Economic Improvement

Economic indicators suggest the recession is over in the eurozone. It will, however, take time and stronger growth to reverse the high unemployment in many countries. Politicians are hailing the figures as an end to the grim years.

Brazilians Flood To U.S. On Massive Shopping Sprees

Growing numbers of Brazilians are visiting the U.S.; last year, they spent $9 billion. It's a sign of a changing Brazil — more affluent, more outward looking. Most of those getting visas to the U.S. are going to shop or do business, and the economic impact has been palpable.

In Iraq, Laying Claim To The Kebab

The Iraqis, among many other Middle Easterners, believe they invented the kebab. The skewered meat dish appears as early as the 9th century in a book from the southern city of Basra called The Book of Misers.

Sinai Peninsula Sees Increasing Violence Since Morsi Takeover

On Tuesday, the Israeli military shot down a rocket aimed at a Red Sea resort along the Israeli and Egyptian border. Robert Siegel talks to New York Times reporter Robert F. Worth about the increase in violence in the northern Sinai Peninsula.

Israel Plans To Release Palestinian Prisoners Ahead Of Peace Talks

On the eve of a new round of peace talks in Jerusalem, Israel is expected to release a first batch of Palestinian prisoners who were jailed on terrorism charges for more than 20 years.

Canada Revokes License Of Company In Quebec Rail Disaster

The railway whose crude oil-carrying train exploded in the center of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, last month can no longer operate in Canada, the country's Transportation Agency says. The disaster resulted in more than 40 deaths and the destruction of many of the town's central buildings.

Row Over The Rock: Britain And Spain Feud Over Gibraltar

Tensions over fishing rights and border checks are driving a newly escalated dispute between Spain and Britain over the status of Gibraltar. In recent weeks, Spain has insisted on performing comprehensive border checks that slow traffic to Gibraltar.

Why Urban Beekeeping Can Be Bad For Bees

The rise in urban beekeeping could end up resulting in too many bees with too few flowers to feed on, two U.K. scientists warn. That's already the case in London, where the number of urban hives has doubled over the past five years, they say.

Beware The Pacu, Experts Tell Men Who Skinny-Dip In Scandinavia

The appearance of a Brazilian fish has sent a chill through summertime swimmers in Sweden and Denmark. The alarming fish isn't the much-feared piranha, but a cousin, the pacu, which has large teeth and a reputation for attacking men's testicles.